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Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens Iron is an exciting eight-week immersion program uniquely blending the cultural, political, economic and business aspects of cultures around the globe.

Program Overview

The program focuses on the interaction of political and economic policy, the effects of globalization on human flourishing, and the economic well-being of countries in the study area. Students take part in numerous site visits and hear lectures from business leaders and diplomats. This program features on-campus and off-campus learning, and as part of the course work, student teams, with faculty guidance, develop research projects designed to be presented at the corporate or policy executive level.

Iron Sharpens Iron 2019

May 13-July 5, 2019

Indonesia | Cambodia | Vietnam | Singapore

8 credits/6 weeks of travel

The Wheaton Center for Faith, Politics and Economics (FPE) invites students to join us on our Iron Sharpens Iron: Southeast Asia 2019 Program.  Students will observe how different political and economic approaches impact human flourishing in the countries of Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore.  FPE Director David Iglesias, former United States Attorney for New Mexico and retired Navy JAG will be leading the trip along with four Wheaton College faculty instructors.  Generous donors provide this opportunity for students at almost half the actual cost.


  • IR 375/ECON 374: Globalization in Southeast Asia (4 cr.) - Dr. Timothy Taylor
  • B/EC 382 Global Business Strategy (2 cr.) - Dr. Paul Lee and Dr. Hannah Stolze
  • IR 301: Foreign Relations of Southeast Asia (2 cr.) - Dr. Michael McKoy


Estimated Cost

Program Cost
(includes 8 credit hours, books, all meals, lodging and travel, except what is listed below)
Int'l Flight   $1,300
Visas   $55
Extra Meals    $300
Total   $7,655



  • May 13-24   Courses on the Wheaton College Campus
  • May 25-June 14   Courses on the UPH campus in Jakarta, Indonesia, plus business and political site visits
  • June 15-July 5   Travel to Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore


Application Deadline:  Friday, January 18, 2019


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