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VII now comprises 34 volumes, each containing a variety of articles and reviews featuring the seven authors of the Wade Center.

Volume 34 (2017)

Volume 34 of VII is available for purchase online.

The online supplement to Volume 34 is now available.

“Le roi s’amuse”  by C.S. Lewis - A reprint of Lewis’s creation poem from the 1964 edition of Poems. (2 pages)

The Playfulness of C.S. Lewis’s Creation Poem - Charles Huttar analyzes the jocund nature of Lewis’s creation poem, “Le roi s’amuse.” (19 pages)

Tolkien’s Homecoming - Nancy Bunting explores how J.R.R. Tolkien intentionally crafted “The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth” in order to temper the “northern heroic spirit” in The Lord of the Rings. (15 pages

"A Christmas Sermon for Pagans" by C.S. Lewis - A recently rediscovered article by C.S. Lewis on the challenge of communicating the Christmas message and whether the audience of his day that was pagan or post-Christian. Reprinted from the December 1946 issue of The Strand Magazine. (4 pages)

Discovering “A Christmas Sermon for Pagans” - Joel Heck and Christopher Marsh introduce the background to Lewis's recently rediscovered article as well as possible autobiographical connections between The Strand Magazine and That Hideous Strength. (6 pages)

Charles Williams’s Theology of Publishing - Michael J. Paulus, Jr. explores Charles Williams’s theology of publishing from his little-known work, The Masques of Amen House; in this article, Paulus also offers a brief reflection on a theology of work including thoughts from Dorothy L. Sayers. (13 pages)

Letters to Malcolm: Letter XIIa - A never-before-published chapter from C.S. Lewis’s, Letters to Malcolm. (4 pages)

Letters to Malcolm: The Lost Chapter - Norbert Feinendegen introduces Lewis’s previously unpublished chapter, and speculates on why it was left out of the final manuscript. (8 pages)

Balder, Adonis, Bacchus, Aslan: Frazer and Sacrament in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince CaspianJ. Patrick Pazdziora and Joshua C. Richards reimagine Aslan as a “corn-king” and explore the implications of this theory for two titles from Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia. (26 pages)

Lovejoy, Collinwood, Barfield: from “History of Ideas” to “Evolution of Consciousness” - Jeffrey Hipolito compares Barfield’s work on the “history of ideas” to other scholars such as Collingwood and Lovejoy and examines what this means for the “evolution of consciousness.” (14)

The following reviews and book notes are available now on our Online Articles page.

Review Essay
"G.K. Chesterton's Jewish Problem" by Adam Schwartz | A review essay of Chesterton and the Jews: Friend, Critic, Defender - by Ann Farmer

Book Reviews
Bandersnatch: C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Creative Collaboration of the Inklings - review by Diana Pavlac Glyer
Deeper Magic: The Theology Behind the Writings of C.S. Lewis - review by Donald T. Williams

Booknotes for:
The Great Tower of Elfland: The Mythopoeic Worldview of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, and George MacDonald by Zachary A. Rhone
The Satisfied Crocodile: Essays on G.K. Chesterton edited by James Schall

VII Journal - Index to Volumes 1-32

Download searchable index of the VII  journal to date. Used with permission of the author. Please do not print more than one copy for personal reference. All other duplication requires permission of the author. (PDF)

VII Journal - Order Volume 33 (2016)

Volume 33 includes articles on four of the seven authors whose works are archived at the Marion E. Wade Center. The editors hope that you will discover something new about one of the authors less familiar to you through these excellent essays.