Mary Lynn Uitermarkt

Mary Lynn UitermarktAfter eleven years in the Advancement division at Wheaton College, Mary Lynn transitioned to the Wade Center in August 2017 to serve as the Operations Manager. Tasked with managing the business side of the Wade, she is responsible for overseeing the budget, facility, bookshop, staffing, and marketing communications. She also manages the Wade’s donor relations program and collaborates with the director team in setting and executing fundraising activities.

Mary Lynn holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Benedictine University, which perhaps gives insight into why she enjoys details, numbers, logical thinking, and spreadsheets so much. She and her husband Dave are parents to two adult children and cherish the time they can spend time together as a family. She enjoys volunteering at her church by serving in their coffee café (it has her three favorite Cs: coffee, cookies, and cash register!) as well as serving as a small group leader in the Women’s Bible Study program.