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Opus recommends the following video and audio resources on faith, work and vocation.

Resources include in-house talks such as Dr. Chris Armstrong's chapel message "In Praise of Ordinary Work" and other resources such as Tim Keller's chapel message on identity, and Barry Schwartz's talk on the problems with our modern approach to work.

Recommended Presentations 


Sending Disciples into a Pluralistic World
Vince Bacote
Christians live, work and play in a world with people who hold different ideas about the good, true and beautiful. The benediction leads us out to engage the world with imagination, hospitality and hope. Watch video >>


Why Faith at Work is Important
Katherine Leary Alsdorf
Katherine Leary Alsdorf, founding director of the Redeemer Center for Faith and Work, makes the case for a strong faith and work integration. Watch video >>


Vocation? Whatever!
Dr. Chris Armstrong
Opus Director, Chris Armstrong, explores his vocational journey and the applications that can be made today. Watch video >>


Our Identity: The Christian Alternative to Late Modernity's Story
Tim Keller
Speaking for Wheaton College chapel, Tim Keller offers a helpful analysis of where identity comes from and how that relates to our work. Watch video >>


The Church and Economic Renewal
Chris Brooks
Chris Brooks, Senior Pastor at Evangel Ministries in Detroit, speaks to the role of churches in the economic realities of their social contexts. Watch video >>


How to Discern God’s Will for Your Life
Dave Petty
Dave Petty speaks in the Wheaton Chapel addressing some of the most important questions young adults can ask, questions about how to find God's will and how to work this out while life is happening. Watch video >>


Love and Fairness
Dr. Anthony Bradley
Dr. Anthony Bradley reflects on the importance of love and fairness for human flourishing to take place. Watch video >>


In Praise of "Ordinary Work"
Dr. Chris Armstrong
Chris Armstrong pushes against the clamor for vocational prestige and glory in this reflection on the importance of "ordinary work."Watch video >>


Woodworking Video
Chad Musgraves '14
Opus highlights the vocational journey and reflections of a recent Wheaton College graduate in this creative piece. Watch video >>


The Student Vocation
Dr. Phil Ryken
Phil Ryken, Wheaton College President, introduces us to the idea that being a student is a calling in its own right. Watch video >>


The Way We Think About Work is Broken
Barry Schwartz
Barry Schwartz offers a peak into his social research on how our contemporary approach to work is broken. Watch video >>


Learning from Dirty Jobs
Mike Rowe
Mike Rowe distills lessons for life from his experiences as the host of the tv show, Dirty Jobs. Watch video >>


God’s Word on Work
Will Messenger
Will Messenger offers a personal story and reflection on the power of workers to nurture justice. Watch video >>


The Soul of the Faith@Work Movement
Bill Pollard
Bill Pollard, long-time leader in faith and work circles, offers his reflections on the core principles of the movement. Watch video >>


Work in a Broken World (Audio only)
Dr. Chris Armstrong
Chris Armstrong speaks for the Wheaton Graduate School chapel on where work fits into God's world after the fall. Listen to audio >>


Vocation Is Integral
Steven Garber
Steve Garber explains why Christians should embrace vocation as central to life in Christ. Watch video >>


The Power of Introverts
Susan Cain
Susan Cain explores the powerful roles introverts can and do play in the contemporary marketplace and civic commons. Watch video >>


The Art of Normal
Pastor Nic Gibson
Pastor Nic Gibson exposes the idol we've made out of prestige and calls us to the glory of "normal." Listen to Audio >>