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Story Corps Interviews

HillsAmy and Theon Hill

In this interview, Theon Hill talks with his wife Amy, and reflects on his gap year experience immediately following high school, and how his experience working with troubled youth and the community shaped his views on his vocation and his future decisions. Theon reflects on how this experience was one of the most emotionally challenging of his life, but how it positively impacted his character, his faith, his passions, and sense of calling, and even his current research as a professor at Wheaton.  Listen to their story >

CiscosRodney and Hasana Sisco

In this interview, Hasana Sisco ('86) talks with her husband Rodney ('84) and reflects on her childhood in Jamaica, her transition from Jamaica to Wheaton College, and her experiences as a student studying science at Wheaton. She shares about the lasting impact that her Spanish professor John Clark made on her life and her faith development. Hasana shares about the importance of an internship as a "practice run" for a real career. Hasana had a successful career, and she reflects on the struggles of working in corporate America. Listen to their story >

GalbraithsJeffrey Galbraith and Anise Foster

In this interview, Jeffrey Galbraith and Anise Foster share about the life and career of Brett Foster, a beloved English professor at Wheaton College, who passed away in November 2015. They share about Brett's love of literature and poetry, a love that he developed while in college. They share about Brett's spiritual gift for friendship and his welcoming personality. His pursuit of community has served as a model to those who knew him. They share about his reaction to his diagnosis of colon cancer, and how he was driven by this experience and continued to write amazing poetry. They end the interview clip reading a poem that Brett wrote about his daughter. Listen to their story >