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Shelves of Books in Buswell Library

On behalf of the college, Opus collects and makes available a wide variety of helpful faith and work resources, including books, articles, videos and audio clips. The Opus resource collection on faith, vocation, and work is available in Buswell Library at Wheaton College.

Opus curates and contributes regularly to a special collection on faith, vocation, and work in the Buswell Library on the Wheaton College campus.  Subjects covered in the collection include vocational discernment, workplace discipleship, biblical/theological/historical approaches to faith & work, and social and institutional contexts and issues.

Additionally, Opus is always discovering new, helpful resources on faith, vocation, and work. We recommend the following books, videos and articles for those who would like to explore further.


Buswell Library in the Fall Sunny Entrance
The Opus Resource Collection at Buswell Library

is easy to access and offers a drop-down menu of subtopics within the fields of work and vocation to help you find the resource that best fits your inquiry.