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Curricular Development

The center of the Wheaton experience is located in the classroom. It’s for this reason that Opus creates and offers curricular resources to Wheaton faculty designed to relate faith, work and vocation to the range of subjects taught at Wheaton.

The recently revised undergraduate core curriculum at Wheaton College includes a vocational element written into the DNA of two of the required classes for students. Opus is developing curricular resources to help faculty address these learning outcomes and to help students determine their vocational paths in light of the Gospel of Christ.

Opus is working with a number of faculty members, including the Theology of Vocation group, in developing resources to inform shared core courses. At the heart of these curricular resources are short videos featuring Wheaton professors who relate vocation to the liberal arts and to their own disciplines. 

Christ at the Core

Wheaton College introduces the new general education curriculum, Christ at the Core.