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Opus Vocation Scholars

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The Opus Vocation Scholars is an interdisciplinary group of Wheaton faculty convened to generate new scholarship at the intersections between theology of work and their own fields.

The Opus Vocation Scholars program aims to help Wheaton College build a theologically and culturally informed framework for understanding and teaching vocation.

Each academic year, Opus gathers faculty members from various disciplines who are reading and conducting research related to vocation within their respective fields. Each faculty member writes and delivers a white paper on these topics, which is then put online as a “coursepack” that is available for all faculty. By making this resource available to all faculty, we hope to spark and enliven conversations related to vocation and faith on campus—and to provide resources to help faculty teach about vocation within their particular classrooms.

Opus Vocation Scholars meet on selected Tuesdays from 3:30-5:00 p.m. throughout the academic year, roughly once a month.

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Opus Vocation Scholars

Dr. Vince Bacote
Associate Professor of Theology
Director of Center for Applied Christian Ethics
White Paper: "Reconnecting Our Way to Vocation"

Dr. Robert Bishop
Associate Professor of Physics and Philosophy
John and Madeleine McIntyre Endowed Professor of Philosophy and History of Science
White Paper with Dr. Nathaniel Thom: "Suffering Promotes Flourishing"

Dr. Marc Cortez
Associate Professor of Theology
White Paper: "Vocationalizing the imago Dei" 
White Paper: "Nature and Supernature"

Dr. Seth Ehorn
Visiting Assistant Professor of Greek Language and New Testament
White Paper with Dr. Enoch Hill: "Flourishing in the Temporal and Eternal"

Dr. Winnie Fung
Associate Professor of Economics
White Paper: "Poverty, Liberation, and Human Flourishing"

Dr. Enoch Hill
Assistant Professor of Economics
White Paper: "Material Prosperity and Human Flourishing"
White Paper with Dr. Seth Ehorn: "Flourishing in the Temporal and Eternal"

Dr. Christine Jeske
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
White Paper: "A Theology of Work for the Underemployed"

Dr. Karen Johnson 
Assistant Professor of History
White Paper: "Placing Vocation"

Dr. Beth Felker Jones
Professor of Theology
White Paper: "Power, Particularity, and Community: Mentoring Theologically"

Dr. Hanmee Kim
Assistant Professor of History
White Paper: "Remembering the Nature of Nation-States"

Dr. Laura Montgomery
Professor of Anthropology 
Dean of Global and Experiential Learning (GEL)
White Paper: "Social Stratification in Vocational Discernment and Choice"

Dr. Ray Phinney
Chair of Undergraduate Psychology
Associate Professor of Psychology
White Paper: "Cognitive Errors, Biases and Vocational Exploration"

Dr. Read Mercer Schuchardt
Associate Professor of Communication
White Paper: "Media Effects at the Neurochemical Level"

Dr. David Setran
Price-LeBar Chair of Christian Formation and Ministry
White Paper: "From Worldview to Way of Life: Forming Student Dispositions Toward Human Flourishing"

Dr. Nathaniel Thom
Assistant Professor of Biology
White Paper: "Providence, Choice, and the Neurobiology of Vocation"
White Paper with Dr. Robert Bishop: "Suffering Promotes Flourishing"

Dr. Noah Toly
Professor of Urban Studies and Politics & International Relations, Director of the Center for Urban Engagement, Director of the Aequitas Program
White Paper: "Called to Rest"