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Lunch and Learn

Opus Lunch and Learn is an event series featuring interdisciplinary discussions about vocation and the Christian liberal arts over a catered meal.  All faculty are invited to RSVP.

Each Lunch and Learn event highlights an original essay by an Opus Vocation Scholar. Attendees are expected to read the essay prior to the event and come ready to engage in conversation. The featured scholar offers framing remarks to open the program before hosting a seminar style discussion for the bulk of the time. 

Faculty who have not otherwise engaged with Opus programs will find Lunch and Learn events an easy way to start. Please contact Erin Savidge with questions regarding the Lunch and Learn program.

Fall 2018 Lunch and Learns

In her paper, "Placing Vocation," Dr. Karen Johnson (Assistant Professor of History) reflects on our callings to places, urging Christian educators to help their students consider where they live and how they live there as critical aspects of their vocations. Seats are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis.

This Lunch and Learn featured Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Enoch Hill's paper, "Can Money Buy Happiness?," which explores the relationship between material prosperity and human flourishing, and the resulting implications for public policy and behavior.

In his paper, "Reconnecting Our Way to Vocation," Dr. Vince Bacote (Associate Professor of Theology and Director of Center for Applied Christian Ethics) explores how a theology that links creation and redemption can help Wheaton students connect their faith with their everyday vocations. 

Our first Lunch and Learn of the 2018-2019 academic year featured Assistant Professor of Anthropology Dr. Christine Jeske. Her paper, "A Theology of Work for the Underemployed: Rethinking Vocation Narratives," calls for three shifts in vocation discourse in order to better address disappointments in work.

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Dr. Setran in On Vocation

Dr. Setran's paper, featured at the Lunch and Learn on April 4, 2018, appeared in Opus's e-letter On Vocation. Check out these excerpts from his eye-opening, rich, and stimulating 16-page treatment of the subject of forming student dispositions toward human flourishing.