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Lunch and Learn

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Opus Lunch and Learn is an event series featuring interdisciplinary discussions about vocation and the Christian liberal arts over a catered meal.  All faculty are invited to RSVP.

Each Lunch and Learn event highlights an original essay by an Opus Vocation Scholar. Attendees are expected to read the essay prior to the event and come ready to engage in conversation. The featured scholar offers framing remarks to open the program before hosting a seminar style discussion for the bulk of the time. 

Faculty who have not otherwise engaged with Opus programs will find Lunch and Learn events an easy way to start. Please contact Erin Savidge with questions regarding the Lunch and Learn program.

Spring 2019 Lunch and Learns

Lunch and Learn brings you a special guest paper (not written in the Opus Vocation Scholars program) by Dr. Christina Bieber Lake. In her paper, "Posthumanism and the Fight for the Soul," Dr. Bieber Lake reflects on the confusion about what it means to be human in today's technologically enhanced society. She advocates that Christian leaders do everything they can to preserve the word and concept of the soul in the face of these developments.

Lunch and Learn brings you a special guest paper (not written in the Opus Vocation Scholars program) by Dr. Marc Cortez. In his paper, "Jesus Christ, the Ground of Our Humanity," Dr. Cortez helps his readers reflect deeply on the image of God in Jesus Christ and the surprising implications of this idea for human identities and vocations.

In their paper, "Flourishing in the Temporal and Eternal," Dr. Enoch Hill and Dr. Seth Ehorn explore what the Beatitudes and other teachings of Jesus teach us about temporal and eternal rewards for good works done in the present with implications for human flourishing and Christian vocations.

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Can't make it to a Lunch and Learn?

You can still engage with these interesting topics. Select essays produced by Opus Vocation Scholars are available for viewing in Opus's online resource collection.