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Graduate Fellowships

OPUS Graduate School Fellows Group Photo

Opus selects students from the Wheaton Graduate School every year to serve as fellows, an experience that includes research, apprenticeship, and development of regular seminars about faith and work.

These year-long fellowships, available for up to 8 graduate students at Wheaton College, offer a compensated research-based seminar experience to accepted fellows. Fellows’ intellectual work is central to the life of Opus and will strengthen and enhance Opus’ work. Graduate Fellows will be expected to:

  • Read six-vocation related books of their choosing together
  • Meet regularly for seminars, where they share their findings and develop intellectual conversations around a theology of vocation
  • Join the Opus team in up to 15 hours of “apprenticeship work” per semester

Graduate Fellows are given a modest stipend in recognition of their time commitment.

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Joseph Longenecker - Gradute Fellow

“Working for Opus has helped me gain a broader perspective on the contexts where my theological education could allow me to serve.”

Rebecca Babiyre - Graduate Fellow

“Through your enthusiasm for the integration of faith and work, you showed me what an opportunity it was for a Christian to be in any work place. My calling to follow Christ may lead me to the wilderness or to streams of fresh water, Africa or to the Middle East. Wherever it will be, I pray I will recognize the opportunities to serve and draw people to Christ's Kingdom.”