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Undergraduate Students

Leif Van Grinsven '19

Interdisciplinary Studies

Leif headshot at Stonehenge"The Praxis experience ignited a mentality shift in me to move from a consumer to a producer. Creating original ideas that move beyond the individual is not something that must wait till after college, it can begin now. Praxis altered the way I think about my experiences and classes and has encouraged me to take them a step further and create something. Praxis also challenged me to ask a much deeper why to the actions I take. It has caused me to reexamine the standards I set for myself, my aspirations, and what I deem important. If you want to be spiritually encouraged and thoughtfully challenged by mentors and peers who are seeking to understand and reimagine the way the world works, I strongly recommend Praxis Academy."

Jack Lausch '18

International Relations

Jack Lausch"This year has challenged my understanding of vocation and calling—I see work much more as a way God spreads his followers out. He gives us all a passion to do certain types of work partly because he wants Christ followers reaching people in all of the professions and sectors. The best part of being an Opus student fellow is being able to ask deep questions about the entire student body and then to pursue answers. I also love getting to work with other fellows from a diverse set of backgrounds and interest—that keeps our job exciting!"

Sarah Denne '17

Applied Math

Sarah Denne"My student fellowship team did research and focused on the pressures students face regarding their future vocations. Talking with other students and thinking about what influences people's choices has made me consider what factors influence their decisions about vocation. I’ve actually also learned more about my own decision to study math along the way. ‪My favorite part of being an Opus fellow has been getting to meet other students that I wouldn’t usually cross paths with—I have really enjoyed working with a diverse group of students from different departments with a variety of vocational aspirations."

Kelen Caldwell '18

International Relations and Economics

Opus - Kelen"Being an Opus fellow has opened my eyes to the unique beauty of vocation—God invites His people to steward different aspects of His creation through their daily work! I’ve also learned about the varying relationships between personal passion and vocational calling. The best part for me was definitely the fellowship group. I've really enjoyed hearing everyone's perspectives throughout the research process. Traveling with the other fellows to the Jubilee conference in Pittsburgh was a highlight as well."

Jody Oetzel '16

International Relations

J Oetzel"Opus has given me a lot of opportunities to hear other students' vocational stories.  Through surveys or interviews that we conducted this year, or through our weekly meetings, I got to hear how other people are thinking about their abilities and interests, and how those might play into a career later on.  This past year has really been a process of demystifying vocation. We use the word vocation a lot without really knowing what it means.  Through my fellowship with Opus, I've been able to think more critically and clearly about my future and vocational goals.  Throughout the year I've been able to narrow down my interests and begin to pinpoint a career that caters to my strengths and practical needs."

Mitchell McElroy '16


M McElroy"Working as an Opus fellow has helped me better understand and articulate my calling.  More than that, I’ve come to experience a deep peace about my future through a clearer understanding of how vocation works. I used to think it was a specific calling from God to a specific career. But now I view God’s calling as it truly is, as something that makes demands on every aspect of my life, on my work, social life, family life, and even my rest. This view has given me profound peace because I realize that I am already operating in my vocation—I don’t have to worry about it as much because most of what I do now is what God wants from my life. I’ve really enjoyed my conversations with other Opus fellows. I also really enjoyed our trips to Chicago and Pittsburg for team building and development."

Annie Arbitter '16

Annie Arbitter"The Opus Fellowship has provided me with a place to work through all the different aspects of what vocation is and how Wheaton can improve in helping students in this area. It has been beneficial to me as an individual and I hope the effects of the fellowship will reverberate through the campus in the coming years. I have a better, more multifaceted viewpoint about what vocation entails after being in discussion with the other fellows throughout the year. While everyone wrestles with these questions at some point during their college years, I found it especially helpful to think through these things within a community of diverse students."