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Opus Alumni

Opus serves Wheaton's students both directly, and by serving our faculty and staff. The "alumni" of our programs are the real stars: through their participation in Opus programming on vocation and work, students prepare for vital kingdom roles in their future vocations and careers.

Testimonials from Opus Alumni

Rebecca Babiyre - Graduate Fellow

“Through your enthusiasm for the integration of faith and work, you showed me what an opportunity it was for a Christian to be in any work place. My calling to follow Christ may lead me to the wilderness or to streams of fresh water, Africa or to the Middle East. Wherever it will be, I pray I will recognize the opportunities to serve and draw people to Christ's Kingdom.”

Dr. Nate Thom - Faculty Fellow and Opus Vocation Scholar

"I didn't really have a clear understanding of vocation or calling when I entered Opus [as a graduate fellow]. I have benefited enormously from the distinction that Opus emphasizes between our primary vocation as Christians and the varied secondary vocations individuals may be called or equipped for.”