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Our Commitments

Opus exists because college students need a clear vision for their future work. This mission has implications for Wheaton College and for the church.

Opus exists because:

students need a clear vision for their future work.

Graduates often feel stuck, especially in their twenties and thirties, confused or scared to commit to one vocational pathway because it means leaving others behind. They can struggle with illusions regarding what work is—or should be—and how to understand work in conjunction with family life, church life, and adulthood.

Opus believes that:

the Christian faith can strengthen graduates with purpose and wisdom to serve others’ flourishing through their multiple lifelong vocations, both in the workplace in other spheres.

If students are given the chance to explore their emerging interests and their place in the world in light of a Scriptural understanding of work and vocation, we believe that they will leave Wheaton with vocational purpose, imagination, agility, and resilience.

Opus helps students:

cultivate an imagination for the many ways in which "For Christ and His Kingdom" can—and should—enter into and transform their work lives.

Opus helps students reevaluate the vocational priorities that our culture prizes—priorities of self-fulfillment, materialism, and pride—by inviting them to think differently. Opus aims to challenge and encourage students to consider all of their work—both present and future—with Christ at the core, in creative and innovative ways.

Opus strengthens the church by:

imparting a Christian vision of work to the next generation of leaders.

We are planting seeds now, aiming to help students engage the world as working adults who value what Christ values—integrity, diligence, wisdom, and the like. As we do this, we believe that we will play a part in filling future pews with Christians who carry their faith into all of the roles they carry from Monday through Saturday.