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Need and Response

Our society faces all manner of challenges related to our work lives including rising student debt, unemployment, dissatisfaction at work, and vocational aimlessness. Opus exists to help Wheaton students begin addressing these issues before they graduate.


The Need

Most American adults spend the better part of their waking hours at work—some say 100,000 hours over a lifetime. Yet the generation now preparing to enter the workforce faces sobering realities—among them are rising student debt, unemployment, and societal and economic pressures at home, where the crucial (though unpaid) vocational work of homemaking and parenting take place.

Once in that first job, the scenario is not much better: According to Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace report, only 30% of American workers are engaged and inspired at work, while the other 70% are either actively disengaged or just “kind of present.” 

The rising generation wants to know whether they can serve the world through the best use of their gifts and whether they will find work in which they can live their witness for Christ before others.

This is an issue the church must address: In a recent Barna Group five-year study on why young people are leaving the church, 84% of Christians ages 18 to 29 said they have no idea how the Bible applies to their professional interests.

Our Response

Opus exists to help students develop vocational purpose, imagination, agility, and resilience as they explore the meaning of work in God’s world and discover their callings to help others flourish.

Opus finds its energy and direction in the belief that a Christian liberal arts education is the best preparation possible for all manner of callings across the career spectrum. We rejoice in our responsibility and privilege to help students mature and progress in how God would call them into the workplace, whatever form that takes.

We want to help Christians discover the power of work to offer glimpses of God's kingdom in a confused world and to serve as an essential part of an overall witness to the goodness of God. That is why we offer on-campus events, student and faculty fellowships, and resources to help the Wheaton College community—and the church at large—engage with these important issues and questions.