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An investment in Opus is a strategic gift that will help prepare students for their future vocations for many years to come.

Opus: The Art of Work is an institute at Wheaton College that helps Wheaton faculty and staff give our students (1) a strong theological framework for understanding vocation, (2) a faith-informed process for vocational discernment, and (3) a vision for Christian integrity, servant leadership, and human flourishing wherever they work - from marketplace enterprises non-profits to the family.

Would you consider giving today? We have a unique and limited opportunity through the Kern Family Foundation to match your donation 3 to 1. Give here > >

Chris Armstrong"The Kern Family Foundation has graciously supported Opus's work since our founding in 2014. As part of their support this year (2016-2017), Kern has also agreed to match up to $80,000 0f new donor support at a 3:1 level. This is an extra way your gift can bless students through the work of Opus."

Your gift to Opus will support strategic activities on vocation such as these:

  • students accessing new Opus-developed curricular modules, assignments, and resources in First Year Seminars, Advanced Integrated Seminars, and Capstone courses
  • faculty creating new vocational learning units in their existing courses
  • students hearing national speakers on vocation in chapel events
  • staff & faculty accessing 12-hour seminars every semester that help them reflect on their own vocations within the college's mission, and learn new ways to mentor students in their vocational journeys
  • Wheaton community members hearing Wheaton alumni's vocational stories through events and online recorded interviews
  • faculty attending conferences, researching, and writing for their colleagues on vocation and human flourishing

All gifts are tax-deductible. Contributions will be held in a dedicated account for use with articulated projects only.

Your gift will help prepare our students for their future vocations. Give here > >

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