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Get to Know our Staff

Meet our staff: Dr. Chris Armstrong (Director), Ben Norquist (Assistant Director), and Erin McCord Savidge (Office Coordinator).


Headshot of Chris ArmstrongChris Armstrong



Chris R. Armstrong directs Opus: The Art of Work at Wheaton College, where he also serves on the biblical and theological studies faculty. He holds a doctorate in church history and taught for ten years in higher education.

Chris worked for eight years in business communications and journalism before returning to academia, sparking a personal interest in what his marketplace experience had been “for.” 

Chris believes nothing is wasted in the vocational life of a Christian. As founding director of the Bethel Seminary (St Paul) Work with Purpose initiative during 2012-2013, Chris’s old life caught up with his new one, and he worked to bring pastors-in-training to an awareness of the disconnect many Christians experience between faith and marketplace work, and of the kingdom value of ordinary work. He considers his work with Opus at Wheaton a wonderful continuation of those efforts in a strategic new setting.

Chris has written Patron Saints for Postmoderns (IVP, 2009) and Medieval Wisdom: Finding Authentic Faith in a Forgotten Age with C. S. Lewis (Baker Academic, May 2016). He is senior editor of Christian History magazine and founding senior editor of the Patheos Faith and Work channel. He blogs at gratefultothedead.wordpress.com

Chris loves sharing the joy of European board games with friends, especially games that bring together strong mechanics and interesting themes. He is also a huge fan of C.S. Lewis’ writing and loves brushing shoulders with Lewis scholars. 

See Dr. Armstrong’s 2016 chapel talk, "In Praise of Ordinary Work."


Ben Norquist portrait headshot, 200x300pxBen Norquist

Assistant Director


Ben Norquist studied history and political science in his undergraduate years (Bryan College, Dayton, Tennessee), and went on to earn his Master of Arts in Western thought from St. John's College (Annapolis, Maryland). Ben is a member of the Academy of Management, with particular interests in spirituality and management as well as entrepreneurship in the higher educational context.

As the assistant director, Ben contributes to the strategic planning and implementation of Opus’ goals and initiatives. He works directly with faculty, graduate student, and undergraduate student fellows and leads Opus’ research into internship design and integration of vocational themes into curriculum. He is also producing a series of curricular films for use in Wheaton classes across the institution.

Before coming to Wheaton, Ben served as a department director for seven years at Bryan College, where he and his team developed and refined mentored international internships, campus-wide lecture series’, academic study tours and other curricular and co-curricular programs. He also taught as an Assistant Professor on the political science faculty and led his department in developing more rigorous methods for program assessment and evaluation. Ben considers his current work with Opus to be a continuation and maturation of his previous work experiences.

Ben enjoys woodworking and mosaic making, remodeling his old house, running through the sprinkler with his kids and enjoying adventures with his wife, Ariel. 

See Ben’s LinkedIn profile.


Erin McCord Savidge portraitErin McCord Savidge

Office Coordinator for Opus

Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Curriculum & Advising


Erin was born in Minnesota but spent most of her early years in Iowa with her parents and older brother.  She chose Wheaton College for her undergraduate studies after learning about the school from a Google search for Christian colleges and universities. She graduated with a degree in Community Art and completed a minor in Urban Studies while participating in the Wheaton in Chicago program. Throughout the process, she developed a love for bringing creative approaches to friendships, relationships, and institutional and administrative challenges. Erin and her husband Josh met during their freshman year in the Wheaton College Gospel Choir, giving the choir a special place in their hearts.

Erin loves learning about the ways God’s vocational callings often come to us through the ordinary aspects of everyday life, such as physical location, relational ties, ability, opportunity, and other life experiences. She seeks to orient herself to God’s leading in all of the many realms and layers of work in her life, looking for purpose and beauty in unexpected places.

During her free time, Erin enjoys playing piano, reading fantasy fiction, playing pinochle with her extended family, eating meals with friends, and bookbinding.


Emily Allen - Opus the Art of WorkEmily Allen

Office Assistant


Emily is from Southern California but spent a gap year studying the Bible in Northern England and Austria before coming to Wheaton for her undergraduate education. She is currently pursuing a degree in International Relations while minoring in Spanish and Psychology. 

As a college student, Emily understands the great need for guidance in pursuing God’s unique call on an individual’s life. She is excited to work for an organization that facilitates helping students learn not just about future career opportunities, but also about how to best serve God in their unique situation now. 

Besides working for Opus and being a full-time student, Emily enjoys playing volleyball, playing the cello, watching movies, and traveling.