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Opus: The Art of Work

Opus exists to help Wheaton College prepare its students for life-long work that honors God and fosters human flourishing. Through curricular enhancements, staff and faculty development, direct-to-student programming, and speakers, Opus provides resources on vocational discernment, institutional & civic responsibility, and redemptive imagination for the workplace and the world.

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Need and Response

Our society faces all manner of challenges related to our work lives including rising student debt, unemployment, dissatisfaction at work, and vocational aimlessness. Opus exists to help Wheaton students begin addressing these issues before they graduate.

The Need and Our Response

Our Programs

Opus Faculty Fellows

A program for Wheaton faculty designed to help integrate themes of vocation and human flourishing into the classroom

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Opus Vocation Scholars

A program for Wheaton faculty designed to support the production of new scholarship on vocation and human flourishing across the disciplines

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Staff & Faculty Vocation Seminar

A program that equips Wheaton staff and faculty to understand students' vocational development needs and to grow as vocational mentors

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Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn events feature interdisciplinary discussions about vocation and the Christian liberal arts over a catered meal. Our next Lunch and Learn is on Tuesday, November 6, considering "Can Money Buy Happiness?," an essay by Dr. Enoch Hill (Economics). All faculty are invited to RSVP.

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Q & A with Opus Leadership

Chris Armstrong:  We are here to help students integrate their faith into their vocational journeys. We often work behind the scenes with faculty and are beginning to contribute to curriculum. 

Ben Norquist:  Opus is at Wheaton to help students catch a vision for meaningful work for their lives. We accomplish this primarily through working with those who work with students.

Ben: We’re bringing current conversations on theology of work and vocational discernment into the culture of the College to help students think beyond making a living to making a life.

Chris:  Protestants have historically recognized two kinds of vocation: general and particular. All Christians share the same general calling: to faith in Christ. Since Christ came to fulfill the Law, we may consider this general Gospel calling to include all that God has commanded—for example, to be fruitful and multiply, to be a good steward, to obey the Ten Commandments, to love God and neighbor. What we usually mean by the word “vocation” in the college setting, however, is our particular vocations. These include our jobs, careers, and family and civic roles—really anywhere we find ourselves in relationships with others. For Christians, all these particular ways we serve others—in the process both “making a living” and “making a life”—both reflect and help to fulfill our general, Gospel calling. Each of our particular vocations is just as truly kingdom work as are the vocations of the preacher or evangelist. And when we submit these particular vocations to our general calling as Christians, we become fruitful in whole new ways—and our identity as workers falls into proper, subordinate relationship to our ultimate source of identity, in Christ.

Vocation? Whatever!

Opus Director Chris Armstrong explores his vocational journey and the applications that can be made today.

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Invest in Opus

An investment in Opus is a strategic gift that will help prepare students for their future vocations for many years to come.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Chris Armstrong

Opus Director

Ben Norquist

Opus Assistant Director

Erin McCord Savidge

Opus Office Coordinator

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