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ICCT currently makes available two CD-ROMs for ESL/EFL teachers. Each of these is updated at least once each year.

Getting Started in Teaching ESL/EFL: Resources for Christian Educators

This CD is designed especially for those who are involved in teaching ESL/EFL as a Christian ministry or wish to begin this type of ministry in North America or overseas. It addresses questions such as these:

  • What is the need for ESL/EFL teachers?
  • When is being a native speaker of English enough preparation? When is it not enough?
  • Where can I find teaching opportunities?
  • Where can I find Christian teaching materials?
  • Where can I find resources (courses, books, CD-ROMs, Web sites, etc.) to help me grow professionally?
  • How can I start an ESL/EFL-teaching ministry?

Resources for TESOL

This CD for teachers of English to speakers of other languages has more than 6,000 pages of learning materials, practical articles, proficiency guidelines, bibliographies, Web site lists and other information. It includes:

  • Dozens of "how to" articles by a wide variety of language teaching specialists
  • Suggestions for teaching different skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and components (e.g., pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary)
  • Tools to assist you in determining your students’ learning styles
  • Information for helping your students develop good learning strategies so that they can learn more efficiently and effectively
  • A large section on learner assessment
  • A large number of lists of Web sites that offer materials, articles, and many other types of information for the ESL/EFL teacher

For more information about these CDs, including purchasing, contact us at icct@wheaton.edu.