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One-Day TESOL Workshops

One-day TESOL Workshops, two formats

Face-to-face on the Wheaton College campus


Online by Skype in real time


Many have expressed their desire for more TESOL training so that they can be better equipped to handle the challenges of teaching English to internationals, but sometimes obstacles such as cost and time commitment stand in the way. We believe that the one-day workshop format with two ways to participate opens up options for further professional training.

This flexible format serves three main purposes:

  • Provides a convenient, low cost option for additional TESOL training
  • Offers the option of combining select one-day workshops into the ROWE 30-hour certificate
  • Gives past ICCT participants an opportunity to continue growing professionally

Virtual Participation extends these benefits in several ways:

  • Individuals who live outside of the Chicago area can participate via an online platform
  • Eliminates travel or overnight housing costs

Spring 2020 Workshops

Basics of ESL Teaching 102

Date and more information coming soon!

Basics of ESL Teaching 103

Date and more information coming soon!

For those of you who take the Basics of ESL Teaching 101 in the fall, the two workshops offered in the spring will allow you to complete the 30-hour ROWE Certificate by summer once all homework assignments have been completed.


Who is the audience for these workshops?

The basic workshops (101, 102, and 103) allow those who have never attended one of our 30-hour courses to get the equivalent input to Reach Out with English (ROWE) and put these three workshops together for a basic 30-hour certificate.

Who are the instructors for these workshops?

All workshop instructors are ICCT faculty with extensive teacher training experience as well as ESL teaching experience in a variety of settings including the classroom, small groups, and individual learning situations.

  • Dianne Dow is the ICCT Associate Director of TESOL and the main instructor for these workshops. She has over 25 years of TESOL teaching experience and runs her own business serving international corporate clients and their families.
  • Mary Cerutti has over 10 years of experience teaching in a variety of settings from classroom to private tutoring to hosting conversation clubs in her home.


Dianne and Mary have been regular presenters at the ESL Ministry Conference held each year at Moody Bible Institute or Wheaton College, and specialize in providing training for novice teachers. Both have a passion to help participants gain the skills they need to be credible witnesses for Christ through their teaching.

Is there a particular order for the workshops?

The workshops can be taken in any order. Although we feel it would be advantageous to have the Basics of ESL Teaching 101 first since it provides so many foundational principles, it is not a prerequisite for Basics of ESL Teaching 102 or 103.


How do these one-day workshops fit together?

It is important to look at the numbering of the workshops. In order to receive a 30-hour ROWE certificate, you must take Basics of ESL Teaching 101, 102, and 103. These can be taken in any order, and these three sessions are equivalent to the 1-week intensive summer course.


Will I receive a certificate?

Participants are awarded a certificate upon completion of each workshop. Our plan is to keep track of course and workshop enrollment in order to then combine training hours into more substantive certificates that account for total hours of ICCT training completed.