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Second Language Acquisition Testimonials

Comments From Former Students

This course has given me just what I need to be a more successful language and culture learner. I learned so much in only three weeks.”

“We took your course because it was by far the least expensive option. But you also provide the most thorough phonetics instruction, the most time working with a language helper, the most information about our target language, and you even provide on-field followup help and consultation. That's a real bonus!

“I chose your online course because my wife already speaks the language and didn't need to take a pre-field SLA course. By studying online I didn't have to uproot my whole family to attend a training course or, worse yet, leave them at home while I was studying.”

“I realize how blessed I was and am because I'm often the only one in our African language class who can make those difficult sounds.... Our class focuses mainly on grammar with very little time for communication. I'm also the only one who knows how to make good use of a conversation partner and learn from the native speakers I encounter every day, and this has helped me to really learn the language.

“I was the one who was kicking and screaming for the first few days in your course because I didn't want to take it. I didn't think I needed it and the whole idea of learning how to learn sounded like hocus-pocus to me. Now that I'm in Asia, I can only look back with gratitude. What you taught me works, and yes, I now admit that I needed that kind of help. Thank you.”

“Do you realize how much money we saved by choosing your online course rather than other options that were available to us? I feel like we got the best of both worlds. We spent far less money for our pre-field training and we got more thorough preparation than elsewhere, including much more emphasis on the language we will learn on the field. (We also worked harder than our friends who chose another option, but I'm glad we worked harder and learned more.)”

“I was afraid that I couldn't learn a new language. I didn't do well in high school French, and I've always been afraid of language learning. This course has shown me much better ways to learn---ways that match who I am as an adult learner---and I can hardly believe how much more confidence I now have because of all I learned in this SLA course. And I'm delighted that I can continue to email the ICCT instructors for advice when I'm in language school and beyond.”

“I feel like my toolbox is full of all sorts of tools to pull out and use. I definitely can't use the excuse "but I don't know where to begin." This class has given me SO MANY places to start, especially giving me a jump start on understanding what it will be like to work with a language helper.”

“The ins and outs of working with a language helper were extremely useful and practical, and it felt empowering to begin learning my new language.”

“I expected Moodle to be difficult to learn how to use, but was surprised to find it quite easy.”

“I realize more now that "language school" is not my answer to how I am going to learn the language once we get there. It is only one tool that I have to work with among many. This was a bit of a paradigm shift for me.”

“I loved the one-on-one learning in phonetics. I also loved the language learning techniques resources and opportunity to put everything into practice. It really helped in building confidence.”

“It helped me to be able to learn at my own pace. I also liked the convenience of being able to learn from home.”

“I really liked the foundations lessons. I thought they were filled with lots of great practical information that will be useful in the future.”

“I feel like I’ve learned how to be more self-directed as a learner, and how to develop more structured activities to use with a tutor or language helper when resources are not as readily available.”