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Second Language Acquisition Registration

Follow these instructions to register for our online second language acquisition courses:

1. Read the SLA Course Descriptions

2. Check the Schedules and Costs

3. Download and email your completed registration form to us at icct@wheaton.edu

We will be in touch soon after we receive your application with a registration confirmation as well as more information. 

For-credit registration

If you would like to earn credit for SLA for Beginning Learners or SLA for Continuing Learners, you should enroll in INTR 608: Second Language Acquisition. This course is usually available for credit only in the summer. If you wish to take it for credit at another time, please email us.

Wheaton College students:

  1. Read the course information on this site, including the Schedule and Costs.
  2. Follow your normal Wheaton College registration procedures to register for INTR 608: Second Language Acquisition (4 hours).
  3. Complete the appropriate ICCT SLA application form. This is required so that we can communicate with you about pre-course assignments, course materials, etc.
  4. You do not need to send a deposit to ICCT.

For-credit students who are not current Wheaton College students:

  1. Follow the directions for non-credit registration.
  2. In addition, you will need to submit a Special Student application for non-degree-seeking students in order to earn four hours of graduate credit. To submit an online application, click the box, create an account, and choose Graduate Short Application.
  3. You do not need to send a deposit to ICCT.

SLA for Beginning Learners

For new language learners with almost no proficiency of the target language. Usually new to the field. 6-week course.


SLA Beginning Registration Form

SLA for Continuing Learners

For language learners with intermediate proficiency or higher in the target language. Can be new to the field or seasoned workers. 6-week or 12-week course.

SLA Continuing App

Just-in-Time SLA

For new language learners. Includes two 3-week courses plus on-field coaching for the first year of language learning.

JIT Registration Form

Introduction to Language Learning

For new language learners who will be on-field for less than 3 years, or not doing heart-language ministry. 3-week course. 

Intro to Lang Registration Form