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Language Coach Courses

Equipping you to help others learn another language and culture

ICCT offers fully online courses for those who work with on-field language and culture learners. Our goal is to equip coaches with practical preparation for helping their new and veteran personnel to become more successful language and culture learners.

We currently offer three non-credit coaching courses, each addressing a key topic, “Foundations of Language Coaching,” “Listen Up and Speak Out: Helping Learners Develop Oral Skills,” and "Learner Assessment." Our plan is to introduce one new topic each year, while continuing to offer the earlier topics. Future courses include program development, helping learners to become more self-directed, strategies for language coaches and language learners, learning a new culture, and helping more advanced learners to keep progressing.

This is the first in a series of online non-credit courses. It provides a very practical introduction to language coaching for new and experienced coaches. In 15 sessions over five weeks, participants gain basic principles and insights to draw upon as they guide their learners through the language learning process. This course is a prerequisite for taking additional ICCT courses for coaches.

2019 dates: 

  • January 14 - February 15
  • May 20 - June 21
  • July 29 - August 30
  • November 4 - December 6

Good oral communication is essential for daily life and ministry. But how do learners develop strong listening and speaking skills in their new language? What do they need to learn and how can they best learn it? In 15 sessions over five weeks, this online non-credit course (1) equips language coaches with a basic understanding of the processes involved in learning the listening and speaking skills, (2) offers practical guidance for helping learners gain proficiency in listening comprehension, conversation, and speaking to groups, and (3) presents a wide range of learning activities that are most useful at each proficiency level. Prerequisite: "Foundations of Language Coaching."

2019 dates: 

  • February 18 - March 22
  • July 1 - August 2
  • September 23 - October 25

Appropriate learner assessment can make a great difference in the overall effectiveness of learning — what learners learn, what activities and procedures they use, how quickly and how well they learn, and ultimately how successful they are in developing relationships and carrying out their assigned responsibilities.

In 15 sessions over five weeks, participants will:

  • understand how appropriate assessment can encourage learners and enhance learning
  • learn about different types of assessment, including individual skills, portfolios, self-assessment, and proficiency assessment
  • develop a learner assessment plan
  • design a variety of assessment types
  • learn how to make sound decisions based on assessment results
  • learn how to provide relevant feedback to learners

Prerequisite: "Foundations of Language Coaching."

2019 dates: 

  • April 1 - May 3
  • July 1 - August 2
  • September 9 - October 11
  • November 11 - December 13