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Language Coach Course Registration

Registration Instructions

  1. Review the course descriptions by clicking on the website link or by downloading the 1-page PDF summary.
  2. Download and complete the language coach registration form (PDF). 
  3. Send us the completed registration as an email attachment to icct@wheaton.edu.
  4. After receiving your registration form, ICCT will contact you with further details about the course. 

Language Coach Course Descriptions

  • Foundations of Language Coaching
    Our Foundations course consists of 10 sessions over 5 weeks, and outlines a practical introduction to language coaching.
    • Foundations Description (PDF)
    • 2020 Course Dates: 
      • Jan. 27- Feb. 28
      • May 4- June 5
      • July 20- Aug. 21
      • Oct. 12- Nov. 13
  • Listen-Up and Speak-Out
    Our Listen-Up and Speak-Out course consists of 15 sessions over 5 weeks on teaching listening and speaking skills.
  • Learner Assessment
    Our Assessment course consists of 15-sessions over 5 weeks on developing and analyzing various assessment plans and types.

Language Coach Registration Form