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Language Coach Course FAQs

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Language Coach Course FAQs

Below are several frequently asked questions about our language coach courses. In addition to reading this page, you also should download the PDF ICCT Language Coach Course Info. If you would like more information, please email us with your questions at icct@wheaton.edu and our director will get back to you shortly.

The work can be done anytime that is convenient for you.

The course content is divided into segments, three per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). However, you may work on the course less frequently if you need to do so. We strongly suggest that you give time to the course on at least one day each week.

You will not need to be online for everything you do, but the exact amount of time will vary from day to day. If Internet access is a problem, we can probably give you the videos by another means, such as via Dropbox.

Although it’s very helpful to have good Internet access, we realize this is not always possible. If you think this may be a problem, please email us so that we can discuss your situation.

We can accept no more than 15 participants in each class, which allows us to give lots of individual attention to each person.

In each of the 15 sessions, there is a forum, which is an opportunity to discuss the topic for that day. This is done by writing your thoughts, which are shared with everyone in the class. You can ask questions and you can respond to questions or comments from others in very much the same way you would hold a discussion with a small group of people. One our of instructors also jumps into each daily forum — usually multiple times — to write comments on issues you bring up. In addition, at the end of each week you will respond to application questions in which you apply what you are learning to some aspect of your individual coaching situation, and an instructor will give personal feedback on your response.

There is some overlap in content, depending on the specific workshops you attended. But there is also a great deal of new material in this online course. We encourage you to take this course in order to fill in gaps in your learning and to provide a strong foundation for taking additional ICCT courses for language coaches.

It depends on the course.

  • Foundations Course: five times each year
  • Listen Up & Speak Out Course: three times each year
  • Assessment Course: three times each year

Six times each year we offer Second Language Acquisition courses (SLA) which equip language learners with the essential knowledge and skills they need to become more efficient and effective learners. 

We also offer courses for learning culture and ministry:


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Second Language Acquisition Courses and Programs

We have several Second Language Acquisition (SLA) course options for language learners:

We have two different online programs that include language coaching: