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All ICCT workshops and courses are online for Spring 2020!

All ICCT courses and workshops are and will remain in full-swing in completely online formats for SLA, TESOL, Culture, and Language Coach

As always, we at ICCT are blessed and thankful to be ready to serve you and your organization with high-quality training in very flexible formats and with personalized content. The COVID-19 crisis has only highlighted the ways that we feel we are situated for "such a time as this", and are ready to help you receive the best training, instruction, and consulting for your language/culture learning, language coaching, and ESL teaching ministries. 

Our main change for Spring 2020 is that all One-Day TESOL Workshops for Spring 2020 are now ONLY offered ONLINE. No face-to-face option will be offered. All other courses remain online, flexible, and customized to meet your needs. 

A few important things to note:

TESOL One-Day Workshops: Due to the COVID-19 virus, Spring 2020 TESOL One-Day Workshops will ONLY be offered ONLINE.

Contact ICCT Associate Director of TESOL, Dianne Dow, for more info: dianne.dow@wheaton.edu

SLA and Culture courses: We are committed to meeting the needs of those wishing to work on language and culture learning during the stay-at-home Coronavirus times! Please contact us to get started at any time for any of our SLA and Culture courses. We customize every course to meet your specific learning needs, including amount of work and duration of the course. Email us to set a time to discuss your needs right away.

Contact ICCT Director, Dr. Natalie Mullen, for more info: natalie.mullen@wheaton.edu 

Language Coach courses: We are accepting late add-ons to our current Language Coach course. Email us to discuss this possibility.

Contact ICCT Associate Director of Online Learning, Dr. Lonna Dickerson, for more info: lonna.dickerson@wheaton.edu 


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