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Note From the Aequitas Director

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Thanks to a donor’s generous gift, Wheaton College will launch a new and exciting program for exceptional students in the Fall of 2018. The Aequitas Program in Urban Leadership is a four-year, cohort-based, interdisciplinary, and experiential program that educates Wheaton students to promote just, sustainable, and flourishing communities. Through academic study, experiential learning (including practical work experience), Christian service, and immersion programs in Chicago and abroad, students in the Aequitas Program – Aequitas Fellows – will join a cadre of alumni prepared to grapple seriously with the practical challenges facing our increasingly urban world.

While Aequitas Fellows may choose majors from any division of the college, each cohort will complete a common set of courses, have special access to distinguished speakers, and participate in additional experiences, including the Urban Track of Wheaton Passage, Wheaton in Chicago, paid internships, summer study abroad after the sophomore year, retreats, and a capstone project. By the end of the program, Aequitas Fellows will have demonstrated competence in applying ethical and economic reasoning to such issues as poverty, food insecurity, education, public health, housing, environmental sustainability, employment, and economic development within the context of evangelical theology.

We seek 10 - 20 Aequitas Fellows from among the most qualified applicants to Wheaton College. Through our selective application process, we will shape a cohort of students with diverse backgrounds, educational interests, and long-term vocational aspirations, but a common interest in and commitment to benefit society through Christ-like servant leadership and witness. Each Aequitas Fellow receives a combination of a merit scholarship and other funded experiences equivalent to $10,000 per year ($40,000 over a four year period).

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Noah J. Toly, Ph.D.
Director of the Center for Urban Engagement
Director of the Aequitas Program
Professor of Urban Studies and Politics & International Relations

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