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January 2011 CACE eJournal

From the Director's Desk

Greetings from CACE as we begin 2011! As we continue to celebrate 25 years, this month presents us with two unique opportunities for engaging our world.

On January 19 we are very excited about the opportunity have a dialogue between Eboo Patel and Skye Jethani on the topic of Muslim-Christian relations. These two friends who are firmly committed to their faith traditions will help us think about how to navigate an increasingly pluralistic world, while also emphasizing how there can be mutual concern for the common good of society. This promises to be a memorable evening that you should attend if possible.

January 25 presents a different but equally important opportunity. Dr. Carl Stauffer of Eastern Mennonite University will be here to discuss Christian faithfulness expressed as nonviolent resistance. One reason that I am excited about this is that pacifist expressions of Christianity have attracted significant attention in recent years, but often the conversation is only theoretical. Dr. Stauffer is living example of this position; he has significant experience with “peace building” around the world. Whether or not one agrees with his stance, this is an opportunity to learn about the actual practice of Christianity with an emphasis on peace and non-violence.

All of our events are free and open to the public. Please come join us as we think about how to live as faithful, wise, and thoughtful Christians in a world full of moral challenges.

Vincent Bacote, Ph.D.
Director, CACE


Skye Jethani

Eboo PatelChristian Muslim Relationships: A Response to Religious Pluralism
Skye Jethani & Eboo Patel
Wednesday, January 19, 7:30 PM
Coray Auditorium
Co-Sponsors: Student Activities, Taylor University & St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Glen Ellyn, IL

Resources from our speakers:

Divine Commodity: Discovering a Faith beyond Consumer Christianity by Skye Jethani

Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim, the Struggle for the Soul of a Generation. by Dr. Eboo Patel

US News Article on Eboo Patel


Spring Conference 2011
Monday, March 21 - Thursday, March 24

What Makes a Nation Christian?
Dr. Jonathan Chaplin, Director, Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics, Tyndale House, Cambridge
Monday, March 21, 7:00 pm, 339 Blanchard

Sex and the iWorld
Dr. Dale Kuehne, Dept. of Politics, St. Anselm College
Wednesday, March 23, 7:00 PM, 339 Blanchard

Challenges in Christian Ethics
CACE Directors: Bacote, Scott, Chase, Johnson
Thursday, March 24, 4:00 PM, Chatlos
25th Anniversary Reception to follow

Allah: A Christian Response
Dr. Miroslav Volf, Director, Yale Center for Faith & Culture
Thursday, March 24, 7:00 pm, 339 Blanchard

The Moral Responsibility of the Historian and the Case for Christian America
Dr. John Fea, Associate Professor of American History, Messiah College
Monday, March 28, 7:00 pm, 339 Blanchard


Carl StaufferMonday, January 24
7:00 PM, 339 Blanchard Hall

Subversive Engagement: A Christian's Posture in the 21st Century
Dr. Carl Stauffer, Eastern Mennonite University
Co-sponsored with Plowshares


February 2011

Can God be Trusted? Faith and the Challenge of Evil
Dr. John Stackhouse, Regent College
Wednesday, February 9, 7:00 pm, 339 Blanchard
Co-sponsored with the Philosophy Department

Political Advocacy and Christian Calling
Dr. Monica Mills, Bread for the World
Wednesday, February 23, 7:00 pm, Phelps Room
Co-sponsored with Wheaton Center for Faith, Politics and Economics and Politics & IR