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November 2009 CACE eJournal

From the Director's Desk

This month’s eJournal finds us well into the school year. As we have reflected on the theme of identity, we have given significant consideration to questions related to how we understand ourselves as members of the Christian community. Both the Penner dialogue and screening of Lord Save Us From Your Followers led us to consider how questions of theology, history, and culture inform us when we give definition to the term “Christian.” This month we will continue in these vein, though from a different angle. This month we have our annual Moral Formation Lecture series, which will consider how we arrive at our Christian identity through the interaction of a number of “voices” which contribute to our self-concept. One interesting fact about the modern Western world (over the last 300-400 years approximately) is that there is a much greater interest in understanding the “self”; positively there has been a turning inward which has led to greater understanding of ourselves and negatively there has been the potential of unhealthy narcissism in our efforts to arrive at true self-knowledge. Dr. Kang’s lectures should help us to see how we can navigate our contemporary moment while seeking to have a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Christian when there are many other voices whispering and shouting in our ears. Please join us next week, and enjoy our resources this month which highlight our School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership.

Dr. Vince Bacote


Steve Kang"One Identity and Multiple Voices? Forming the Christian Self"

2009 Christian Moral Formation
Lectureship featuring Dr. Steve Kang

Is one’s identity a unitary concept that one forges during her adolescent years and, having successfully done so, can move on to bigger and better things in life with her identity intact? Or is that a mere hopeful illusion in this ever-protean world that is intertwined among seemingly an infinite variety of “post” conditions? Should a belief in the reality of the Triune God matter when it comes to our attempts at identity formation?

I want to invite those restless Christians to consider envisioning together the Christian self in light of the God whose eternal being is in his becoming among us.

Dr. Steve Kang

Monday, November 9 and Tuesday, November 10, 4:00 PM each afternoon,
Phelps Room Lower Level Beamer Center


Featured Resource:

Dr. Steve Kang, Associate Professor of Educational Ministries, will be speaking about identity this coming CACE lecture. He has participated extensively in local and parachurch ministries and is one of the founding pastors of Parkwood Community Church (a Pan-Asian American church plant in the Chicago area). His interdisciplinary studies intersect theological anthropology, ecclesiology, social and self psychology, sociocultural analysis (particularly from a post-Christian era perspective), and multiethnic ministries.

Here are further links to explore that may be of interest for this month:

Evan Howard, The Spirituality Shoppe director, will be the guest speaker at the Christian Formation and Ministry Symposium in February 2010.

Jim Wilhoit is a department member and has written many articles and books on the topic of spiritual formation. This is the link to his book, Spiritual Formation as If the Church Mattered.

Also check out Christianity Today articles with James Wilhoit, including the one about Jim's top 5 Fiction Books for the Soul.


Upcoming Events:

Dan Kimball"The Emerging Church: Origins, Doctrine, Truth, Rumors from an Insider Perspective"
Tuesday, January 19, 2010, Blanchard 339, 7:00 PM
featuring Dan Kimball, pastor, author and leading voice in the Emerging Church movement.

If you would like to be included in a Pastors' meeting with Dan Kimball on Wednesday, January 20, please email CACE@wheaton.edu for more information.

"Who's welcome at the table?"
February 10, 2010 4:00 pm Blanchard Hall
featuring Wheaton College Faculty and Local pastors discussing the Eucharist

"Exploring Identity: Created or Crafted?"
March 16, 17 & 18 CACE Spring Conference
featuring Anthony Bradley, King's College, NY