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November 2008 CACE eJournal

From the Director's Desk:

Welcome to our November ejournal. Phrases like “Image is Everything” and “Perception is Reality” may suffer from overuse in our culture, but perhaps we ignore them to our peril. While Christians should resist the pursuit of slavish approval of society, there should be genuine concern about the way we present ourselves. It is true that Scripture tells us to expect the disapproval and scorn of those outside the church, but I don’t recall seeing any text which suggests that we should invite disapproval and scorn by making ourselves unnecessarily distasteful to the society around us.

In the last decade or so, evangelicals have become far more prominent in the public realm, with decidedly mixed results. We definitely should applaud the intent to participate in the structures of the political and cultural realms of society, especially because we happen to live in a society where such participation is a genuine possibility (as opposed to finding ourselves in a totalitarian regime that oppresses or even criminalizes the faith). From this participation, one result of the greater prominence of evangelicals in public life has been confusion about the aims of Christians, especially politically.

In recent years, there have been a spate of books which suggested that a theocratic plot was in the works, and there has been media coverage of evangelicals which suggested that the term “evangelical” was identical to “right wing ideologue,” and others have suggested that evangelicals were intoxicated by allure of political power. Of course these are far from nuanced perspectives, yet it is worth inquiring about the wisdom we need when engaging the halls of power from Washington to Wall Street to Hollywood.

On November 5 Dr. Noah Toly will moderate an intriguing public conversation between Wheaton’s president, Dr. Duane Litfin and Dr. Richard Mouw, the president of Fuller Theological Seminary. They were both signatories of the Evangelical Manifesto, which was produced in response to the concerns stated above.

We invite you to join CACE as it navigates the post-election landscape.

Dr. Vincent Bacote, Ph. D.,
Director, CACE


Where Do We Go From Here?How should evangelicals participate in public life?
Join us November 5th, 7 pm in Coray Auditorium, as Dr. Noah Toly moderates a conversation
between our president Dr. Duane Litfin, and Dr. Richard Mouw, President of Fuller Seminary,
both signers of the Evangelical Manifesto.

This event is free and open to the public.

Featured Resource:

Interview with Dr. Noah Toly

CACE sat down with Politics and International Relations professor
Dr. Noah Toly. 

The Nature of PowerOn November 12-14th, Mark Joseph will present our Moral Formation Lecture series. Mark swims in the sea of media culture and has his own production company in Southern California, and his presence on campus offers us a tremendous opportunity to consider how we participate in a multimedia culture. You can find more details below. We invite you to join us for this unique opportunities to explore Christian discernment

Featured Resource:

Read Mark Joseph's thoughts on Oliver Stone's new film W.


2008 Christian Moral Formation Lecture Series
Featuring Mark Joseph: "The Nature of Power: From Washington to Hollywood, Understanding and Navigating the Power Structures of Popular Culture"
Wednesday-Friday November 12-14, 7pm, Barrows