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December 2007 CACE eJournal

Vince Bacote, Director of CACE

Upcoming Events:

Monday, October 13th, 7:30 PM Blanchard 339

Dr. Stephen Macek, North Central College
"Urban Nightmares: Media and the Moral Panic Over the City"

Co-sponsored with Urban Studies Department

Winner of the Urban Communication Foundation's 2006 Jane Jacobs Publication Award:

" For the past twenty-five years, American culture has been marked by an almost palpable sense of anxiety about the nation's inner cities. Urban America has been consistently depicted as a site of moral decay and uncontrollable violence, held in stark contrast to the allegedly moral, orderly suburbs and exurbs.

In Urban Nightmares, Steve Macek documents the scope of these alarmist representations of the city, examines the ideologies that informed them, and exposes the interests they ultimately served."

Wednesday, November 5th, 7:00 PM Coray Gym
Dr. Duane Litfin and Dr. Richard Mouw
"The Evangelical Manifesto: After the Election"

Wednesday-Friday, November 12-14th, 7:00 PM Barrows Auditorium
Christian Moral Formation Lectureship featuring Mark Joseph
"The Nature of Power: From Washington to Hollywood, Understanding and Navigating the Power Structures of Popular Culture."

CACE Printed Materials

Nearly 8,500 Discernments Downloaded in 2007:  Marketing and Church Growth continues to be the favorite, followed closely by Character Education. Even though some of these publications are from several years ago, they all receive download requests each month. Since we started tracking, 30,000 Discernments have been distributed globally through our website.

Of our 8 Booklets, Dr. Stan Jone's Response to Mel White Study Guide far out paces the others with 12,880 downloads in 2007, nearly 26,000 since offered last April.

Over 28,000 Articles were downloaded in 2007. The two most popular are both by Sir John Houghton, Challenges of Climate Change at 4,259 and Big Science, Big God at 3,773. Our own professors writings including Dr. Stan Jones "Homosexuality Debate", Dr. Doug Moo, "Nature New Creation" and Dr. Noah Toly Changing Climate Internationally are at the top of the chart as well. To date our total Articles downloaded from the CACE website since tracking started in 2004 is just over 45,000.

In 2005 CACE decided to start offering mp3 downloads and you certainly have enjoyed them. To date CACE audio downloads have tripled from last year.

We at CACE are happy to provide year round the free downloads available from our site. It is our pleasure to use our resources to enhance the learning of many across the globe. CACE's downloaded resources will top 125,000 this year. We could not offer this service without the generous support of donors, speakers and Wheaton College.

If you would like to make a donation to CACE to support our ongoing efforts to bring you excellent resources, please visit the secure online donation form, and designate your gift for CACE.