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September 2006 CACE eJournal

The academic year has begun with great excitement. New freshmen on campus are filled with eager enthusiasm not only to learn, but also to shape the world they have inherited. The returning students, although more mellow, have equally deep convictions that they want to make this world a better place. The ethical challenges before us have increased over the summer, and require our best thinking and our most courageous action. We at the Center for Applied Christian Ethics desire to fulfill our calling and contribute our best insights to those difficult challenges.

Our theme for this year is “Environment, Economics and Equity.” We recognize that God has entrusted to us the care of His creation (Genesis 1:27). Nevertheless, we also confess that we have often failed to fulfill that responsibility with the energy, wisdom, and selflessness that were expected. We know that the earth is “groaning” and we are confronted by numerous, difficult challenges: scarcity of water, arable land and sources of energy, poverty, immigration, dramatic changes in climate, air and water pollution, and the list goes on and on. Throughout the year we will bring to you topnotch speakers that will address these most important environmental issues of our day. It is my prayer that their insights will be used by God to produce in us greater faithfulness and obedience.

Environment is closely tied to economics. Our love for our neighbors moves us to seek that all people have enough of the basic necessities of life so that they can fulfill their God given call. Some of the most important economic issues of our world are addressed in a special issue of the Business and Professional Ethical Journal. It contains the messages from our 2004 CACE conference on “Faith, Profit and Decision Making.” The previous director of CACE, Ken Chase, introduces the volume.

Check out the schedule of our upcoming events. Attend the ones that you can and download the messages that you miss. And above all, love the Lord, your God, with all your hearts, and your neighbors as yourselves.

Lindy Scott
Director of CACE

Upcoming Events:

Dr. Matthew Sleeth comes to campus Tuesday, September 19 7PM 339 Blanchard Hall. Dr. Sleeth has recently authored "Serve God, Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action". This even is free and open to the public.

Ann Alexander from the Illinois State's Attorney's Office is coming to campus Tuesday, October 31 for 3 events open to the public. A lunch at 12:15 pm with the Science Division, a lecture at 3:30pm in Armerding Lecture Hall and an evening event co-sponsored with the Urban Studies Program. Check our website for details.

Wheaton Lecture in Christian Moral Formation, November 6-8, 2006
This three-day event features Drs. David and Kaswera Kasali. They are the directors of Congo Initiative which strives to model, nurture and shape authentic redemptive communities of Christ followers whose calling is to transform society in Congo. David Kasali is the past president of the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology.

"Global Warming and our Response" - Panel Discussion, Monday, November 13, Barrows Auditorium featuring panelists from Wheaton College Departments of Economics, Biology, Politics and more.

Business and Professional Ethics Journal

We are pleased to announce a special issue of the Business and Professional Ethics Journal devoted to Christian Ethics. This is a CACE-sponsored volume featuring ten original essays exploring all facets of Christian ethics in business contexts, including decision making, consumerism, success, and corporate responsibility. Authors include Laura Nash, Michael Novak, Albert Erisman, and David Gill.

The essays were presented at the 2004 CACE conference, Faith, Profit, and Decision Making . Their publication in this esteemed scholarly ethics journal is a first for Christian scholarship in business ethics. CACE has copies available at a modest cost of $8. This is a book quality paperback publication that will advance your insight into Christians as business professionals. This volume is available online at the Wheaton College Bookstore or you can contact the CACE office. For additional information, contact the guest editor (and CACE's former director) Kenneth R. Chase (kenneth.chase@wheaton.edu).

Table of Contents

Guest Editor's Introduction—Christian Perspectives on Business Ethics: Faith, Profit, and Decision Making
Kenneth R. Chase

Religious Faith, Corporate Life, and the Betterment of Society
Michael Novak

Reflections on Consumerism in a Global Era
Max L. Stackhouse

Lasting Success for the Christian in Business
Laura Nash

Bridging Christian Ethics and Economic Life: How Theological Education Falls Short
John C. Knapp

Analyzing and Responding to Different Christian Views of the Corporation
Albert Erisman, Denise Daniels, Kenman Wong, and Randal Franz

Integration in Christian Ethical Decision-Making
Stacy L. Jackson

Application: Upgrading the Ethical Decision-Making Model for Business
David W. Gill

In Search of a Christian Work Ethic for the Corporate Worker
Leland Ryken

Corporate Social Responsibility in a Globalizing World: What's a Christian Executive to Do?
Steve Rundle