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February 2007 CACE eJournal

Dear Friends of CACE,

The care of creation is one of our greatest responsibilities and dates back to the first pages of Genesis. We demonstrate our love for God through caring for His creation. In addition, we can also demonstrate love and concern for our neighbors who inhabit this globe with us, both currently as well as generations to come. Our spring conference this month will present ways for us to deepen this care. We are bringing gifted speakers to help us in this task.

We will initiate the conference on Tuesday with several talks by Dean Ohlman. He is an associate producer with Day of Discovery, the television outreach of RBC Ministries in Grand Rapids. Dr. Matthew Halteman from Calvin College will help us explore the relationship between creation care, our eating habits, and our stewardship over animals through two talks and a pair of movies. Our own Doug Moo, Blanchard Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College , will speak on "Nature in the New Creation: New Testament Eschatology and the Environment." Rev. Ed Brown, author of "Our Father's World" and Founding Director of Care for Creation, Inc. will help us think about sustainable development and the environment. We will end the conference with "The Greening of Wheaton College" led by Vince Morris. Vince heads up Wheaton College 's Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee and will share practical steps our college can take to become better stewards.

Come join us for as many events as you are able. You will find on our site Sir John Houghton's messages from our January events as well as many other free resources.

Your brother in Christ,

Lindy Scott
Director of CACE

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, February 15
Hermann Groehe co-sponsored with Politics and International Relations & Foreign Language Departments
7:30 - 9pm Kresge Room of Edman Chapel

CACE Spring Conference
Tuesday, February 20
7:00 pm Brewed Awakenings Coffee House featuring the music of Aaron Griffin with Dean Ohlman's lecture "Birds, BB-guns, and Bob Jones: The Re-education of a Redneck Christian" The Stupe, Beamer Center
9:00 pm Screening of "Peaceable Kingdom" w/Matthew Halteman - Phelps Room, Beamer Center

Wednesday, February 21
11:30 – 12:30 pm Dr. Dean Ohlman "The Lord Says to Take Care of His World", Breyer 07
2:00 – 3:05 pm, Dr. Matthew Halteman "Animal Rights and Christian Responsibility", Kresge Room of Edman Chapel

Plenary sessions in Armerding Lecture Hall
3:15 - 3:30 pm Light refreshment
3:30 - 5:00 pm, Dr. Doug Moo "Nature in the New Creation: New Testament Eschatology and the Environment"
7:00 pm, Dr. Matthew Halteman - "Living Toward the Peaceable Kingdom: Compassionate Eating as Care of Creation"
9:00 pm, Screening of "Earthlings" w/Dr. Matthew Halteman, Armerding Lecture Hall

Thursday, February 22
11:15 am, Rev. Ed Brown "The Care of Creation and Sustainable Development", Breyer 8.
1:15 pm, Rev. Ed Brown "Development and the Environment", Blanchard 140.
3:30 - 5:00 pm, Vince Morris "The Greening of Wheaton College", Blanchard 339

Other campus events of interest:
Friday, February 23, 2007
Human Needs and Global Resources, Plenary Address, Dr. Jim De Vries,
Senior Vice President of Programs, Heifer International 7:00 pm Coray Auditorium, Wheaton College

February 27, 2007 (co-sponsored with Politics and International Relations and Urban Studies Departments)
Dr. Matthew Hoffmann, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto, "Who Makes the Rules? Non-State Actors and the Demise of Multilateral Climate Governance"
7:00 pm, Blanchard 339.

All events are free and open to the public.