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April 2007 CACE eJournal

In our March eJournal letter we mentioned a letter that some Christian leaders sent to the National Association of Evangelicals leadership team regarding their Vice-President Richard Cizik. The letter urged Cizik to not emphasize the issue of global warming as if all evangelicals were agreed on the magnitude of the problem or on the way to respond to it. We encouraged a respectful and healthy debate on the topic to take place within the Christian family. We include three responses below that express some of the diverse comments we have received.

"Christians must focus on all issues that are important to the well being of humanity. We are taught to care for our brothers and neighbors even better than we care for ourselves. Therefore, factors that are important to the health and well-being of the people on this planet include environmental integrity, ecosystem services, biodiversity, and human health. In fact, these factors hold such a powerful impact on so many people globally that they mandate a far higher level of evangelical concern than the current line of traditional marriage and anti-abortion. Far more people die each year from disease and starvation due to desertification from environmental stress and tribal conflicts resulting from limited resources in sub-Saharan Africa than people from abortions in the developed world. Therefore, we should be prioritizing these issues at the human-environment interface. Additionally, the loss of traditional marriage in certain areas has not resulted in the death of anyone, to my knowledge. It is far past time for evangelical Christians to focus most on the negative impacts that a 1st world existence has had on 3rd world peoples, and it is time that we do something about it. Instead of focusing on increasing our wealth at the expense of others, we should follow the teachings of our Savior and give our wealth away or at the very least reduce our unfair demands on those who don't have means and don't have a voice. At this time, the priorities of evangelical Christians are all wrong, and it is time for a change. Cizik should stay because he is bringing these important issues to the minds of evangelicals, and it is the most important thing for the movement. We must remember that Jesus did not condemn; he saved. We must try to do the same." - Travis M

“I am very disturbed that the letter to the NAE from James Dobson and the other signers would criticize Mr. Cizik and link him to the infanticide practiced in China. This criticism is not logical and is sub-Christian. My husband and I, together with many Christian couples, practice birth control which we deem to be morally appropriate. I believe this is the position that Cizik advocates. If we don’t limit the rise in population, then governments might take immoral steps, like infanticide, to do so. Therefore the Dobson position is counterproductive to his stated goal of cherishing life across the spectrum. I totally support that goal, but I think his letter was not helpful.” - Nancy Z.

“The unfortunate thing about this whole global warming discussion is that most people are basing their concerns on lies propagated by Al Gore and the media. We are being told that there is a "consensus" among scientists that Global Warming is a man-made crisis. I agree with James Dobson, et al, that Christians, of all people, shouldn't be jumping on a political bandwagon that is unfounded.” - Ken L.

This week another healthy and respectful debate is taking place on campus dealing with the issue “Christian Perspectives on War.” Members of Plowshares, ROTC, and others are participating in this conversation. We especially invite our readership to attend the presentation by Dr. Arthur Holmes. Dr. Holmes, Professor Emeritus at Wheaton College, will speak on "Just War Theory and the War in Iraq" on Wednesday, April 11, 7pm in Coray Gym. Dr. Holmes is frequently referred to as “Mr. Wheaton” for his extensive work on the integration of Christian faith and learning, a trademark of Wheaton College. He is also the author of many significant books, including "War and Christian Ethics." He will provide keen Christian insights on the war in Iraq, one of the most important issues of our generation.

Your brother in Christ,

Lindy Scott
Director of CACE

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, April 11, 7pm, Coray Gym
Dr. Arthur Holmes Professor Emeritus Wheaton College,
"Just War Theory and the War in Iraq"

Dr. Holmes is well known for his extensive work on the integration of Christian faith and truth. He is also the author of many books, including "War and Christian Ethics."

This event is co-sponsored with the Plowshare student group.

All events are free and open to the public.