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CACE eJournal

Our goal is to provide a monthly publication with information on upcoming events, ethical articles, and news about what the Wheaton faculty is publishing.


March '11  Resources from our Spring Conference Speakers, Volf, Fea, Chaplin
January '11  Eboo Patel and Skye Jethani Dialogue
December '10        CACE Announces Spring 2011 Schedule
October '10    Upcoming Events 
September '10          Moral Challenges in the Next Decade featuring Eric McLuhan, John Kilner


March '10 Spring Conference 2010 Variety of Identity Topics
January '10             African American Identity featuring Dr. Eddie Glaude Jr.
November '09 The Emerging Church with Dan Kimball
October '09 Event Review, Dan Merchant
August '09 Can you be Catholic and Evangelical?


April '09 Read Schuchardt and Bryan Campen
February '09 featuring John Patitucci and David Brooks
December '08 Online Resources 
November '08 featuring Mark Joseph and Dr. Noah Toly
September '08      featuring Dr. Amy E. Black 


April '08  featuring Dr. Charles Marsh
March '08 featuring Dr. Skillen and Dr. Long
January '08 featuring Dr. Floyd Flake and Dr. Joseph Bottum
December '07 featuring CACE Downloads and Resources
November '07  featuring Gideon Strauss and D. Michael Lindsay
October '07 featuring Morality and Politics
September '07 featuring HIV Local and Global


May '07  featuring CACE Welcomes New Director
April '07 featuring Responses on "A Healthy Debate"
March '07 featuring "A Healthy Debate" Lindy Scott
February '07 featuring Spring Conference
January '07 featuring 30 Environmental Friendly Ideas
December '06 featuring Dr. Greenburg Climate Change Case Study
November '06 featuring Global Climate Change Resources
October '06 featuring A Christian Perspective on Immigration
September '06 featuring Business Ethics Journal
June '06 featuring Evangelical Climate Initiative
April '06  featuring Stanton Jones Response to Mel White
February '06 featuring CACE Spring Conference
January '06 featuring Dr. Brian Howell "Wicked"


December '05 featuring Dr. Paul Wiens
November '05 featuring Dr. Lindy Scott
October '05 featuring Dr. Vince Bacote
September '05 featuring Dr. Amy Black