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David A. Penner Debates

The David A. Penner Debate is administered through the Center for Applied Christian Ethics at Wheaton College and underwritten by gifts to The Penner Foundation.

Dr. C. Everett Koop, former U.S. surgeon general, whose hearty willingness to face controversial topics and invite honest interchange resembles David Penner's style, initiated the debate series in 1990.

Audio of the Penner Events are available for free download as noted below. They are also available on Wheaton College's iTunesU site.


  • Greatest Moral Challenges in the Next Decade Part 1 (Speaker Presentations)
    MP3| Flash Video
  • Greatest Moral Challenges in the Next Decade Part 2 with Question & Answer
    MP3 | Flash video


  • Dr. Larry Arrn, President Hillsdale College, MI
  • Dr. John Kilner, Director of Bioethics Programs at Trinity International University
  • Dr. Eric McLuhan, in association with the University of Toronto

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  • Exploring Christian Identity: Can you be Catholic and Evangelical?
    MP3 | Lecture MP3 | Q & A | Flash video



  • Building a Better Human: Is it morally acceptable to enhance the chemical and genetic nature of persons?
    Part 1 M4A | Part 2 M4A | Part 3 M4A | Flash video



  • Church Growth in a Consumer Culture: What is the Calling of the Local Church?
    Part 1 M4A | Part 2 M4A | Flash video