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CACE Faculty Article Series

Race and Ethnic Diversity Faculty Seminar 2017

2017-18 CACE Faculty Seminar theme centered around addressing race and ethnic diversity.  The seminar invited faculty to consider the following question: How are we to recognize and overcome the legacies of a racial faith that may be embedded within Christianity, evangelicalism, and Wheaton College as an institution of Christian higher education?  The select faculty addressed this question in conversation with Willie James Jennings’ book, The Christian Imagination: Theology and the Origins of Race.  The Faculty Articles are a result of the time spent in the CACE Seminar.  We publish these articles throughout the year in our eJournal.

Theater as a Way of Knowing Faculty Seminar 2016

“Theater as a Way of Knowing” was the theme of our 2016 CACE faculty seminar.  This seminar we took a different approach by using theater practice/performance to help us discover what it means to embody truth as scholars and teachers. What do we mean when we say that a production or an actor is ‘truthful’? Do we mean only that the words spoken are truthful? In what sense? Is it possible to ‘embody’ truth without using words?  As part of the workshop,  two plays in Chicago were attended.  Participants will be given an opportunity to ‘work out’ responses to these shared experiences in both written and embodied expression.