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Search Suggestions

  1. Start your search by entering your search term in the blue box below.  You can enter names, words, phrases, dates or numbers. The program will search all entire database and provide any entry or entries with your search phrase in it.
  2. You will get a list of all sermons containing your search phrase. In some cases, this search item list may be several pages long.
  3. Select the sermon you want to see from the search list and click on the red PDF icon in the left hand column. This will take you to the sermon in a new window. When you are done using that sermon, you can close the window and go back to the search list and select other entries.
  4. The program searches for the exact phrase you enter in the blue box. Therefore, a search for John F. Kennedy won’t turn up any sermons where Rev. Graham wrote the words President Kennedy, or John Kennedy or JFK, etc.
  5. Narrow your search term to find as many relevant items as possible. If you search, for example, just for Kennedy, you will bring up all the items that contain the words President Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, or John Kennedy, as well as Robert Kennedy, Rose Kennedy, etc.  If you aren’t sure of how a word is spelled, you can shorten it to only the part you are sure of. For example, if you were unsure of how to spell Kennedy, you could just use Kenn* for your search. (If you shorten a word, be sure to put an asterisk (*) at the end, as in the example.)
  6. If you are searching for a date, enter it this way: Month, day, and year as in September 24, 1968   A search for 9/24/68 or Sept. 24, 1968 won’t generate results.
  7. If you are searching for a phrase of two or more words, you should put the phrase in quotation marks (example: “President Kennedy” to ensure that only sermons with that exact phrase are returned, as opposed to sermons that have any word or words contained in the phrases.
  8. You can also do AND, OR, and NOR searches.  Use these capitalized words for a variety of Boolean searches such as...
    • Chicago AND Atlanta will turn up all the sermons that have both words
    • Chicago OR Atlanta will turn up all the sermons that have one word or the other
    • Chicago AND NOT Atlanta will turn up those sermons that have Chicago but not Atlanta