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Sermons of Billy Graham

An extensive collection of Billy Graham sermon outlines is now available in Collection 265 in the Billy Graham Center Archives of Wheaton College. These texts are made available to the public at the directive of Rev. Graham – (the original manuscripts, loaned to the Archives for copying, remain in the custody of the BGEA).

Included in the collection are more than 3,700 digitized sermon notes available online and accessible through the link below. (Also below is a link to Collection 265 that is the description of the sermon collection that also includes thousands of transcribed sermons.)

The sermons are from most of Rev. Graham’s ministry, covering the years 1941 through 2006. However, the collection is particularly strong for the period beginning in 1967. While the collection does not contain all of his sermons, it certainly holds most of them. Besides sermons preached during evangelistic campaigns, there are also sermons and speeches delivered at a wide range of other events such as weddings, funerals, press conferences, anniversaries, civic occasions, inaugurations, etc.

The sermons are intended for the personal, non-commercial use only.