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Evangelism - Multicultural

Bridge Peoples: The Role of Ethnic Minorities in Global Evangelization

As new minorities integrate into society, they become bridge peoples, bi-cultural people who, because of their dual ethnic identities, fit in both their home countries and their new locations. (PDF)

Christianity and Worldviews

An evangelist would do well to understand the nature of worldviews: how they work and how they can be both an asset and a liability for sharing the gospel. (PDF)

Colorfully Contextualized Evangelism in the Context of the New Testament

How was Jesus able to effectively practice contextualized evangelism? What does the New Testament say is the essential key to contextualized evangelism? (PDF)

Interfaith Interface with Buddhists

Both Christians and Buddhists are called to pursue selflessness or self-offering for other humans as a goal and virtue in life. A guide for Christians to intentionally step into relationship and dialogue with Buddhists. (PDF)

New Age, New Mission? Evangelism and the Rise of "The New Spiritualities"

Until recently, Christian literature on the New Age was not geared to equipping Christians to share their faith with its followers. This has been changing. (PDF) 

Reaching Ethnic America

The global diaspora is bringing Christians from everywhere to everywhere in the world. (PDF) 

Sharing Christ in Hindu Contexts

In any consideration for evangelistic ministry among the Hindus, it is important to recognize the vast difference between Hinduism and Christianity. (PDF)