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Evangelism - General

Asking the Question. And BEING the Answer

At some point, we must stop praying and walk into the field and begin working…sowing, watering, and harvesting. At some point, we must do the work of evangelism (2 Tim. 4:5). Evangelism is work. (PDF)

Cherishing the Moments of Gospel Sharing

People are what matter to God. Have we done everything we could to bring people to Jesus—shared our stories with the people who most needed to hear about God’s power? (PDF)

Connecting the Gospel to Deep Human Need

Understanding God and his ways with us makes us more sensitive to discern his ways with others. Jesus met people where they were and used what was available to bring into the light the deeper spiritual need. (PDF)

Digital Alters Everything, Everywhere, for Everyone

How do we travel into the digital communications culture and fulfill the Great Commission? With our incredible new travelling companion: digital media. (PDF)

Evangelism and the Early Church

The early Church still has much to say to us today regarding evangelism, and it is wise to be attentive to its lessons. (PDF)

Five Myths about Evangelism

Five lies people have bought into when it comes to playing our part in gospel sharing. (PDF)

Give Me that Old Time Religion: Back to the Basics of the Simple Gospel Message

Often, in our work to help people come to Chris, we either teach too little or we make the gospel so big that it becomes unintelligible. The gospel is a simple, soul-saving message with the capacity to unleash a power capable of restoring our society. (PDF)

Grace and Truth

The Holy Spirit pours forth a mixture of grace and truth in a single stream, one that we receive and then channel into the dry and weary world in which we live. (PDF)

High Stakes Sharing: Seven Things to Remember when Someone’s on the Verge of Eternity

Whether it’s a friend, family member, or co-worker, chances are that we’ll all face the fear of sharing Christ when the stakes are personally high—when it’s someone we deeply love. (PDF)

How to Tell Your Story of God's Grace

Sharing our redemptive story requires a variety of approaches, one of which is the “conversion testimony.” (PDF)

Jesus Had Unbelieving Family Members, Too

If you, like me, have unbelieving family members, family gatherings can bring with them a certain amount of tension. We’re in good company. Jesus also had unbelieving family members. (PDF)

Jumping in with Both Feet: Tips to Not Being Fake While Sharing the Gospel

Sharing the gospel authentically boils down to this: act like you and let God do the rest. (PDF)

Just a Few Reasons Why Our Evangelism Isn't Working

Five reasons why our evangelism isn’t working, with a special emphasis on 1 Peter 2:4-10. (PDF)

Making Him Visible: It’s Our Task

Many in our society are asleep to the reality of God and will only be made aware of him by our intentionality and involvement in their lives. Ordinary people like us are charged to make a loving God visible. (PDF)

Pay Attention and Gain Favorable Attention!

Getting off to a better start can make all the difference in our evangelism. (PDF)

Oh, Those Two Words…So That

What if simple practices, like noticing people, praying for their rebirth, listening to show them love and value, and asking them engaging questions to discover how God may be at work in their life, could provide an easy pathway to engage people ongoing spiritual conversations? (PDF)

One Step Closer

Instead of defining evangelism strictly as a comprehensive presentation of everything there is to say about salvation, we need to view the incremental efforts of seed planting, which we perform in the course of natural relationships, as not only a legitimate form of evangelism, but also a critical method. (PDF)

The Artistic Work of the Spirit

While most of the accolades come when a true masterpiece is unfurled for all to critique, the real glory of the art world is the energy that is unleashed in the mess of process. Evangelism is like this. (PDF)

The Next Billy Graham? Each of Us

There is no reason we cannot carry forward Billy Graham’s cross-centered, proclamational legacy. This legacy is surprisingly simple, yet unmistakably profound: a commitment to the gospel’s power, genuine humility, earnest prayer, and the supremacy of Christ. (PDF)

The Sacrament of Evangelism: God Is Already There

God’s nearness, his immanence, encourages us to take risks, knowing that he is present to support us. It is not all up to us, thank God. We are to do our best and leave the results to him. (PDF)

Three Men...Three Worlds...One Choice

Meet Michael, Miguel, and Mustafa—three men from three different “worlds.” Each one has arrived at his appointed destiny before God’s judgment seat (Matthew 25:32; Romans 14:10; Hebrews 9:27). Each one is rehearsing his personal moment of reckoning. (PDF)

Understanding Our Role in Evangelism: Five Looks to Remember

Our boldness can get ahead of the work of God in the hearts of those we want to reach. So it becomes extremely important that we are sensitive to what God is doing in those we want to reach, and work within that in the role God gives us. (PDF)

Walking in the Comfort of the Holy Spirit: Three Steps to Guide Us in Evangelism

What does it look like to walk in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, moving forward both reverently and cautiously, yet excitedly and confidently to live out each day as a follower of the Triune God? Below is a three-step guide to encourage all of us who love Jesus to approach sharing the gospel with confidence and authenticity. (PDF)

Walking to the Beat of God’s Heart: Five Keys to Spirit-led Evangelism

Fruitful evangelism grows from a place of spiritual rest and walking in tune with the heart of God. (PDF)

When You Cannot Preach: A Case for Relational Evangelism

When we can't share the gospel clearly, we must find more creative ways of presenting the unchanging gospel of Christ in an ever-changing world. (PDF)

When Your Faith for “Fishing” Is Small

When Jesus says “fish,” don’t trust your expertise (or lack thereof), past experience, or the level of your faith. At his word, just faithfully let down your nets. (PDF)

Witness as a Way of Life

To help us make witness a “way of life,” consider adopting the following practices. The outline for it is simple to remember, for it focuses on three activities habitually practiced: Prayer, Care, and Share, Share, Share. (PDF)