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Reflective Evangelism Guide

A guide to help you develop a richer relationship with Christ and more meaningful gospel conversations with others.

Reflective Evangelism

When most people hear the term ‘evangelism,’ it elicits a sense of action and movement. But before evangelism can be active, it must be passive. It must sit with the heart of God and be moved into motion. Evangelism is the response to a contemplative posture of reflection, inspiration, and engagement. Contemplative evangelism—gospel witness that is birthed in time with God—seeks to authentically engage non-Christians as Jesus would.

We have created the guide below to help you deepen your commitment to gospel witness. Feel free to download it, print it out, and share it with others. Click here to download the full PDF.

Use it personally or in community with others. Our prayer is that it will not only deepen your own relationship with God but that it will lead to more frequent and richer gospel conversations with others.