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By His Wounds The World Is Healed

40 days of visual inspiration to lead you to show & share the love of Jesus as Easter draws near

Evangelism Easter ResourceThe 40 days leading up to the Resurrection has historically been a time of reflection, sacrifice, and drawing near to Jesus in anticipation of what He did for us on the cross over 2,000 years ago. Although it is not a common tradition to celebrate Lent in the Protestant tradition, the days leading up to the celebration of Easter Sunday can a powerful time of reflection, intercession, and movement towards showing and sharing the love of Jesus with a broken and hurting world.



Evangelism Easter Resource

We have created a 40-day image-based resource to encourage you to reflect daily on what it means that Jesus was a good news bearer and how we can follow in His footsteps. Each day includes a beautiful image, scripture reference, and reflection item.

By His Wounds the World Is Healed is designed to journey you to a place where, as you encounter Jesus, your heart beats more for those without Jesus and you find yourself engaged more and more in faith conversations.



Evangelism Easter ResourceYou can follow the series beginning March 1 on:





We have also made this resource available by full PDF download. Click here to download the PDF