In-Prison Training

Answering the Call is our in-prison evangelism training seminar for Christ-followers to live focused lives of witness and discipleship.

ATC is a four-hour seminar which can be divided into separate shorter sessions. Student workbooks are provided for each prisoner participant. Each year 1,000 inmates attend this great evangelism training.

Train the Trainer seminar is a five-hour seminar to train instructors who are interested in providing an ATC seminar. 

Training Materials

Answering the Call: Student WorkbookWe are proud to present Answering the Call (ATC), our newly revised evangelism training student workbook. We asked inmates who attended this training, from around the country, to help us by providing practical suggestions and feedback on this project. With their input, we have a new title, expanded evangelism tools and real-life evangelism stories. 



Answering the Call not only opened my eyes, but helped me to understand that God has called me to preach, teach, and show his love and undeserved mercy to those who are lost. - Texas prisoner

I am one of three hundred men in God's army here in this facility. This seminar reminded me that holding onto parts of my old life will prohibit me from moving forward in my new life. - South Dakota prisoner

I learned that my relationship with God doesn't end with me and my journey. I have been able to make the valuable connections that part of the joy of loving God is sharing him with others and loving them so much that I want them to feel his love, too. - Arizona prisoner

I recently visited two facilities where Answering the Call (ATC) was offered. The men greeted me with, "When are you going to have another ATC seminar?" Many were amazed when they began to map their "faith journey" and document their sphere of influence to bring others to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Many shared their spiritual journey and the wonderful work Jesus Christ had done in their lives. The seminar provided these men the tools they needed to witness to others - from family to fellow prisoner. I highly recommend this seminar to engage the Christ-centered leaders behind the walls. - Mary Engle, executive director, Midwest Prison Fellowship.

In addition, participants at the American Chaplaincy Training School were trained in the use of this program:

"In my 25 year career in prison ministry, this is the most effective preparation I have seen for equipping men and women to share the gospel in a correctional setting. Its emphasis on engaging people at the point where they are on life's journey and on bringing incremental changes in their path is a crucial concept for correctional ministers to understand and implement." Dr. W. Thomas Beckner, President of the American Chaplaincy Training School