Correctional Ministry Opportunities

"I do not know of any more fertile ground for the gospel in all of the United States than our jails and prisons. I make that statement unequivocally and without reservation. If you are looking for a more fruitful harvest field, apart from leaving the country, you will be hard-pressed to find it."

- Lennie Spitale


  • Answer inmate mail - If you would like the opportunity to answer inmate mail at the Institute for Prison Ministry office? Please email for more information.

2017 Spring Break-Away Trip - Women's Prison Ministry

2016 Spring Break-Away Trip - Is ORANGE Really the New Black?

Plane State Jail (Women’s prison), Dayton, TX
Saturday, March 5-Sunday, March 13, 2016

I guarantee that your life will be changed after this cross-cultural experience. This trip will help you see the realities of life behind bars for women, not what the media portrays, and provide opportunities to minister to and with incarcerated females. Ministry will include creating and delivering a worship service with and to female inmates, providing one-on-one prayer with those in hospice and segregation, delivering spiritual materials and culminating in an event with Forgiven Ministries who brings in the children of the inmates for a day with their incarcerated mothers.

This trip is offered through the Institute for Prison Ministries (IPM), Billy Graham Center for Evangelism, Wheaton College. IPM is looking for eight female Wheaton students who have spiritual maturity, emotional stability, submit to authority and are flexible to changes in situations and schedules. A valid picture ID is required (Driver's License, State ID or Passport).

  • Cost of trip $425.00
  • $50 non-refundable deposit due at sign-up (Once you sign up, you are responsible for the full cost of the trip.  Deposit can be paid by cash or check)
  • Sign-up begins on November 16th between 9am and 4pm at the IPM office, BGCE 418

If you have questions, please contact the IPM office at 630.752.5727 or email the Director, Karen Swanson at  

If you would like to help us promote this please download the flyer/poster, print it out and help us recruit people to go!