Correctional Ministry Certificate

IPM has partnered with Christian University GlobalNet (CUGN) to offer affordable, 8-week online college courses in Correctional Ministries with focus areas in chaplaincy or reentry

We welcome you to a community of believers who share your passion for ministering to those affected by crime and its aftermath and who are interested in developing professionally.


Correctional Ministry Certificate* (18 credits + Capstone Project or Practicum)

The Correctional Ministries Certificate Program is designed for individuals seeking to establish a foundation in correctional ministries and receive specialized training in correctional chaplaincy or reentry. The certificate program can be completed in 18 months. Requirements are:

  • CORE courses (9 credits) and
  • Correctional Chaplaincy Track (9 credits) OR Reentry Specialist Track (9 credits)

Core Classes

 Credits Course Type
 3 CM 301 Dimensions of Correctional Ministries Semester
 3 CM 302 Dynamics of Working with Offenders Semester
 3 CM 303 Leadership and Spiritual Formation of Offenders Semester

Correctional Chaplaincy Emphasis

 Credits Course Type
 3 CM 401 Foundations of Correctional Chaplaincy  Semester
 3 CM 402 Correctional Ministries Program Development and Evaluation  Semester
 3 CM 403 Care and Counseling in Correctional Ministry  Semester

 Reentry Specialist Emphasis

 Credits Course Type
 3 CM 404 Foundations of Offender Reentry  Semester
 3 CM 405 Dynamics of Working with Offenders  Semester
 3 CM 406 Leadership and Spiritual Formation of Offenders  Semester

Capstone Project or Practicum (Offered through IPM)
If you are interested in completing a Capstone project or Practicum, please contact the IPM office via phone at 630.752.5727 or email at

All courses are eight-week, cross-listed as undergraduate and graduate level (additional assignments) and available online through CUGN.

*Earning a Correctional Certificate does NOT automatically permit access to correctional facilities.  Facility administrators determine who is allowed to minister in their facility.


Our vision is that equipped professionals and volunteers will effectively fulfill the Great Commission through service in jails, prison, and reentry ministries. Our core values, which include a strong biblical foundation, a calling to evangelize and disciple, a commitment to the unity of believers in Jesus Christ, and a devotion to excellence, help guide our program.

This program was built on the vision of Dr. Thomas Beckner, founder of the American Chaplaincy Training School and is recognized by national ministries such as Prison Fellowship, Good News Jail & Prison Ministries and Correctional Ministries and Chaplains Association (CMCA).

As you consider enrolling in the Correctional Certificate program, the following practical benefits may help guide your decision.

Specialized Training

The Correctional Certificate program is one of the few programs of its kind. Students receive specialized training in the focused areas of correctional chaplaincy and reentry ministry. Our faculty members are subject matter experts and are regionally and nationally recognized with years of practical experience.


Participating in courses provides a great opportunity to meet and learn from others around the country who share the same passion and ministry.


The learning gained from earning the credential demonstrates to your donors, employers, churches, and corrections and community agencies that you are specifically trained to meet the roles and responsibilities as a corrections chaplain, reentry leader or correctional minister.


The Institute for Prison Ministries values excellence and believes that quality equipping is needed for quality ministry. The inmates, former inmates, families, and staff served in correctional ministry deserve the highest quality ministry possible.