What Others Are Saying about the Evangelism Initiative

Evangelism Initiative Testimonies

"The year of evangelism at CCU was a keystone event and a mile marker in many ways for who we are. We were always a very outreach motivated institution, but the Evangelism Imitative took it to a holistic level in terms of integrating every aspect of the university towards the idea of sharing our faith to the community and world around us. With 53 programs during the academic year, the initiative ingrained itself among all of the campus, bringing us closer together under a common vision. Other programs and events have spun off that are still ongoing today, years after the formal program is over. This initiative, unlike any other, will galvanize any institution spiritually that undertakes it in ways that will set the university on a different trajectory than it could ever think possible."

- Jim McCormick, Vice President of Student Life, Colorado Christian University

"In an age of rapid change, both culturally and spiritually, the Evangelism Initiative acts as both a motivator - something that makes us move and act - as well an anchor - something which grounds us, holds us firm, and reminds us of what is most important: the salvation of souls. It is additionally beneficial to be associated with a network of institutions who have also committed to making evangelism central in the academy. It is a joy and a thrill to be part of such an endeavor!"

- Pastor Laurel Bunker, Dean of Campus Ministries and Campus Pastor, Bethel University