What Pastors Are Saying About the Church Evangelism Initiative

Pastors from different congregations and varying objectives have come away from the Evangelizing Churches Initiative having learned valuable strategies for evangelism.

Reece Whitehead"It was very powerful to be with senior pastor friends and ask each month how our personal witness was going, what God was leading us into, and how we could increase our personal evangelism temperature. I found I was getting very excited about my personal life of witness, and I had not expected that to happen. The Church Evangelism Initiative fueled my fire for evangelism and helped me be a better leader in my church for people in their own personal witness.” - Reece Whitehead, Pastor, Willow Creek DuPage

"I love meeting with fellow pastors as we help each other grow in our leadership of witness. I am passing these ideas and practices on to my church and am already seeing many leaders become excited about evangelism in a way they never were before.” - Lon Allison, Pastor of Teaching and Outreach, Wheaton Bible Church



Harry Stackhouse"The pastor's cohort has been a blessing for me. It has helped me and our church body reconnect with what is critical, that is evangelism. Seeing evangelism through a new lens and applying some of the strategies learned has encouraged me to pursue making our church a disciple-making church. Making this journey with other pastors from such diverse backgrounds has built good relationships. I would encourage every pastor who is interested in fulfilling the call of Matthew 28:19-20 to participate in this evangelism training." - Harry Stackhouse, Pastor, The Sign of the Dove Church