Expectations and Outcomes of the Church Evangelism Initiative

What can you expect if you participate in an Church Evangelism Initiative cohort?

Coaching, Conferences, and Resources

Coaching: As a member of a pastors’ cohort, you will have access to ongoing relationships with peers and expert coaching for your particular church situation.

Conferences: Special conferences will give you an opportunity to expose your staff and lay leaders to cutting-edge ideas and evangelism thought leaders.

Resources: As part of the CEI, you will be given a special curriculum to guide your experience as well as tools to help you realize lasting change in your church.

Outcomes from Participating in the Evangelizing Churches Initiative

  • After about six months of active engagement with an Church Evangelism Initiative cohort, you will begin to see personal witness become a more vibrant and motivational part of your life as a senior leader or an Outreach Influence Leader.

  • After 12-18 months of engagement with the Church Evangelism Initiative, you will begin to see change in your congregation toward an evangelistic culture and impact. Your congregation members will become more engaged with non-Christians and will be actively seeking to share their faith, and your church ministries will be integrating a commitment to evangelism into all that they do.

  • Within two years you will begin to see evangelism become a natural and intentional part of all the ministries of your church and all the lives of your leaders.

  • Within three years of implementing the organic methods of the Church Evangelism Initiative, your church will begin to see a culture of conversion and church growth develop as more and more people come to Christ through your ministries and through the personal witness of your people.