Church Evangelism Initiative

There is nothing more powerful than a church, empowered by the Holy Spirit, which possesses and lives out a passion for evangelism. The Church Evangelism Initiative exists to help local churches become this reality and grow as a result of conversion and transformed lives.

The Church Evangelism Initiative was created by the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College to help churches grow through converted and reproducing lives. Our vision is to see thousands of churches across the United States, and beyond, develop communities where many people find their way to Christ and where every disciple of Christ is equipped and mobilized to reach and reproduce new disciples.

Our strategy begins with the lead pastor and migrates throughout the leadership and ministry structures of the church to bring about a lasting shift in focus toward the mission of Jesus and the expansion of God’s Kingdom. Our methods are organic and transferable, and our hope is that churches would use them, adapt them for each unique context and pass them on to other churches.

Below, ECI founder and director Dr. Rick Richardson discusses the importance of engaging churches in a lifestyle of evangelism.

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Uniqueness of this Initiative

The Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College brings a wealth of resources to you as leaders and churches. Through these learning communities, we are seeing many churches and leaders make substantive and sustainable change in their practices and outcomes in evangelism. So it is working! We also provide a big picture view of evangelism throughout the United States that will give you new perspective on the activity of God in this country. We are connected to the latest and best research, and we bring a theological depth and breadth that will enrich your discussions and stimulate your thinking about evangelism, the mission of Jesus, and the local church.