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Academic Programs

The BGC has partnered with the Wheaton College Graduate School to provide quality training for those involved in evangelism and mission leadership. Through the MA in Evangelism and Leadership and MA in Missional Church Movements programs, we encourage individuals and churches to be change agents for Christ in the world.

Masters in Evangelism and Leadership

As cultural changes accelerate, we need a new type of leader who is prepared to reach people and make disciples who pursue Jesus’ mission in the world. We need evangelistic leaders who are change agents for the Church and society. We need churches that grow through conversion.

The Master of Arts in Evangelism and Leadership at Wheaton College will equip you to think critically and act creatively to communicate the gospel and lead the change that’s needed in our contemporary, multi-ethnic world.

Missional Church Movements

As contemporary forms of the church are changing, we need a new type of leader who wants to plant and grow reproducing churches, transition existing churches, and extend the influence of the gospel into every sector and location of society. We need missional churches and missional movements to reach the West and to reach the world. We need missional Christians to serve their neighbor and to serve the poor.

The Master of Arts in Missional Church Movements will expose you to the best missional and church reproducing thinkers and practitioners in the world today. It will equip you to lead in such a way that brings the gospel to life and that allows people to be transformed and neighborhoods and institutions to be influenced.

BGC Scholarship Program

Do you have a heart for missions and are looking for financial support to help you pursue your higher education degree? The BGC Scholarship Program enables international church leaders, furloughing and pre-field missionaries, and urban Christian workers to obtain a Masters degree at the Wheaton College Graduate School.